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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I am a member of Killeen Tx's chaparral high schools band and we just revealed our 2023 marching show production The Chaparral High School Marching Bobcat Band is proud to present: Heist Here's the reveal video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge6EI-yTaHI Musical Selections: "Heist" by Ben Hylton "Creep" by Radiohead "Palladio" by Karl Jenkins "Diamonds" by Rihanna
  2. I saw there wasn't any predictions for class 5A for different areas so I wanted to create a thread! I hope to see some entertaining predictions!
  3. Since the 2019 year is pretty much over i would like to move on to the 2020 marching season. I go to Community high school and next year i will be a senior and it will also be a state year.With my school constantly getting better every year i honestly believe we will advance to the state competition next year.To keep up with next year i would like to use this forum to post predictions and results from 4A schools across Texas.
  4. Hey everyone, here is the Area C topic for the 2020 season! Some interesting results will be coming in, especially for 4A and 6A! For 2A, 5 Bands have qualified, so that means 3 bands are advancing to the 2A State marching contest. The 2A contest is also being held in the same venue as the 4A contest. For 4A, 11 bands have qualified for Area, so 3 bands will be advancing to State. Some big changes from Area C is that most of the Military bands are marching at the State Military contest, which means that some notable bands like Spring Hill will not be marching at the Area C contest. For 6A, 17 bands are performing at the Area contest, But more than 20 qualified for the Area contest, since Region 25 6A bands, which include Allen HS and Plano district aren't performing at the contest, so 20 bands had actually qualified for the contest, so 4 bands will be advancing to the State contest!
  5. Hey, after witnessing this phenomenal season, with records being broken and new bands having breaking seasons, what bands should we look out for next season, and do we have any expectations for the newest bands to break out?
  6. Haven't seen anyone talk about this yet, but I was looking at the Vista Ridge website for results and I found that they had already listed 2020 registrants posted. This is looking to be a good one. https://www.vrhsband.org/marchingfestival/participants/ 4A Manor New Tech HS 5A Anderson HS Bastrop HS Lehman HS LBJ/LASA HS Marble Falls HS Robert E. Hendrickson HS Weiss HS 6A Akins HS Belton HS John Jay HS John Marshall HS John Paul Stevens HS Louis D. Brandeis HS McNeil HS New Braunfels HS Sandra Day O'Connor HS Stony Point HS William H. Taft HS
  7. Never too early to talk about Area C. Many schools like Midlothian Red Oak North Forney FORNEY POTEET HIGHLAND PARK
  8. I know its early, but does anyone have any predictions yet? I'm very excited for this upcoming 5A state competition since last year's 6A competition was so great
  9. As a college band student, I actually discovered TXBands.com this past year during BOA San Antonio because of someone showing me the live blog talking about UT Arlington's exhibition performance of "Heroes and Spies." That said, what would y'all say are the most memorable groups/performances y'all have seen by college bands at BOA events?
  10. From what i have seen from pearland the past few years is that they have been getting scarily better if anyone knows anything or wants to put input especially if u go to the school
  11. Here are the bands competing in 2 weeks Angleton High School Ball High School Clear Falls High School Clear Lake High School Dawson High School Texas City High School Dickinson High School Pearland High School Oak Ridge High School Clear Brook High School Little Cypress Mauriceville HS J. Frank Dobie High School North Shore Senior High School Waller High School Stephen F. Austin High School What are your thoughts on the bands? Will Pearland take 1st after the strong finish last year leaving them in top 40 in the nation and end SFA's streak will they keep the streak or maybe another band LET OUT YOUR OPINIONS
  12. Hi! Check out this great site: www.DrillForBand.com There you'll find testimonials, samples, a helpful blog and more information to get started on designing your award winning 2017 marching band show! Contact me for more information! Mike@drillforband.com
  13. Curious to know, what school and year do you think is the best band ever? Justification and a bideo if possible. Don't get heated, this is just opinions.
  14. Band Directors.... It has been a great marching band season. And it is never to soon to be thinking about show design and planning for the 2017 marching season. My name is Joseph Benavidez and I am a drill designer living in the Chicagoland area. If you are interested in new, innovative and rewarding custom drill design, please consider Joseph Benavidez Visual Drill Design and Instruction. I have designed marching band drill for many high school bands throughout the country. I design marching drill for pre-game, half-time and competitive performances. I also have experience designing for winter guard and indoor percussion. As part of your design team I will collaborate with you and your staff throughout the whole drill design process. Other services I offer include visual consultation with show design and in person consultation and instruction at band camp and/or rehearsals to assist with teaching the drill to your band. Joseph Benavidez Visual Drill Design and Instruction offers you custom drill design at very affordable prices that is competitive but will fit your band's budget. Please visit my webpage Joseph Benavidez Visual Drill Design and Instruction for some samples and more information. Feel free to contact me at any time and I look forward to hearing from you! Let me help make your visual ideas and imagination become reality! Joseph Benavidez Visual Drill Designer and Instructor 630-723-8730 jocgben24@gmail.com www.benavidezdesign.com
  15. If y'all were not already aware there were significant UIL Music Updates both, on the UIL Music department level and including updates to the Music Sections of the UIL Constitution. I will start with some news that I could not find any reference from the official Music Update PDFs or even the C&CR Update to the UIL Constitution. If you were not already aware, UIL State Marching Band contest now takes place 3 days, at least for the 4A/6A Conference that is anyways. Inside the spoiler are the dates with the direct source. Next are UIL Music Updates to the Prescribed Music List and State Marching Band Championships. The 2nd and 3rd one I had actually suggested through submitting a proposal to amend the UIL Constitution, which I figured warranted this since updating the UIL C&CR would had been unnecessary. xD Even though, I had graduated already, I knew that if it did went through, I would left behind another unknown legacy which was worth the risk. :3 Inside the spoilers are the 3 Music Updates and the sources. Finally, we have C&CR Updates for the 2016-17 School Year that affect UIL Music since it has already gone into effect for the year starting in August or September. That is all for now. Here is the *PDF Link* for people that want to see the 2016-2017 UIL Constitution Here is the *PDF Link* to the TEA-UIL Side by Side for 2016-2017 which does not change at all or if anything does change it is usually minimal or unnoticeable. Also, if you want to see the UIL Rule Proposals you can look over here too... *Insert Link Here* And for anyone wondering how I managed to have successfully proposed a rule change for the UIL Music State Marching Band Contest, I actually submitted a large idea proposal of various ideas via the only form for suggesting UIL Rules changes because anyone in Texas can submit a rule change. You don't even have to be in austin at their UIL meeting for the rule proposal to be brought up anyways. xD *Insert that Link here* Okay, for real though, that is all for now.
  16. I am courious about the make up of this years 4A Area D. In 2011 it was such a strong competitive area; does area D still have the same line up?
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