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  1. Aahh yes. 2002? Waco? I was there. Year of the taco tuba. 😆
  2. So, the bands that had signed up to compete, have no chance of going to state? Just Region? ☹️
  3. I think I found Marcus on YT. Message me for details on my search. Not sure I should post it here.
  4. I think we’re gonna need to watch lots of videos this fall....😥
  5. 🥴 Thanks, These videos from years past are treasures nowadays for sure. 😘
  6. After listening, I had to find the old vhs from 2000 to see Churchill at Houston/Alief...lol.
  7. They sure did!!!! Also, dear FloMarching...I am only watching on one device. Stop butting in while I’m watching a performance! So annoying!
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