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  1. So annoying! Maybe someone went to the wrong high school?! And we pay for this service. Hopefully they the stream it later. I’m glad BOA went to Box5. πŸ˜•
  2. Prelims rankings? Some other area threads have them 😊
  3. I hope they still do area finals, to see how they place, get feedback, etc. Even if they skip state. This is not the normal rotation for 6a bands, after all.
  4. Yes. Had to buy Region tickets online for $5 or so here.
  5. Prior to this, anyone know what time TWHS will perform at their Region 9 contest on the 19th? Thanks.
  6. I also had problems, and after the fact I saw on FB that they acknowledged the issues. Hope they get them fixed!
  7. Random question. Does anyone know if you need cash for parking at this event? It’s been awhile and I seem to remember that maybe that was the case. Thanks!
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