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  1. do y'all know what Hebron's show title is and what are they playing?
  2. are you still taking applications? i would love to help revamp the directory. i have a knack for finding out information about bands and have a massive list of what texas bands have done as shows over the years. let me know!
  3. are those all of the participating bands? will 10 bands still make finals since there are 10 listed? lol
  4. Could the same questions and answers be applied to boa Arlington? It will be my first time there next week... P. S. Should I order tickets online and pick them up at will call or just wait for next Saturday?? Thanks!
  5. wow........midwest, honor band, and an inevitable placement at state marching finals....
  6. The Boston Crusaders 2010 program is entitled "Thy Kingdom Come" and features the following pieces. -Symphony No. 10, Mvt. 2 by Dmitri Shostakovich -Planet Damnation by John Psathas -Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Variation 18 by Sergei Rachmaninov -Quest for Glory by Jay Kennedy
  7. yes. we are playing the sorcerer's apprentice which is the mickey scene with the magic hat and brooms. it's really fun but A LOT of notes hahaha
  8. yeah i was there but i had rehearsal from 8-10....which i didnt know i had yesterday X)
  9. haha mello i guess i didnt see you today hahaha. you might have seen me running around crazily, though....
  10. haha well i guess ill see you there tomorrow! i'm one of the stage managers so if you see a redhead with glasses, give me a shout out!
  11. McKinney Boyd High School 5A Honors Band The Conqueror-Teike Variants On A Medieval Tune-Dello Joio The Sorcerer's Apprentice-Dukas
  12. Y--E--S.... it has been quite a while since i've been this excited about a cavies show
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