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  1. They had HC in Sept. I think, as others have said, that early morning chill got them. I expect they'll move up tonight, if they put on a cleaner show.
  2. I expect all Keller bands to make finals. KC has progressed rapidly over the years. Looking forward to seeing them!
  3. Just curious where you'd place Haltom now that St. Louis is done and they medaled after prelims and finished 4th overall.
  4. So incredibly proud of Haltom! Finishing in top 4 is amazing! Congrats to all bands! Top 14 out of 69 is impressive!! #goodnight #yawn
  5. Was pulling hard for Trinity, too. Ugh My heart! Love to Trinity, as well! So very proud of our awesome Texas bands!! #represent
  6. Storytime: I feel an extra swell of pride for Southlake Carroll. When Haltom played them back in the day in football, we went to their stadium one year. Their entire crowd went almost silent, when Haltom band took the field. They watched and cheered and were just plain wonderful. Honestly? One of the best experiences at an away game for us in seven years of band parenting. Ever since I've held them and their band in a special place in my heart, pulling for them, as they've progressed. So let me just say...WAY TO GO, SLC! You are awesome! So excited for you! Go on and get it, in finals!!!
  7. So proud of our Texas bands!! Am crying tears of joy for Haltom! 2nd in Class 4A is an amazing achievement! So incredibly proud! (My husband might've run into the room, wondering if I was ok, when Haltom was announced 2nd hahaha) I'm fine. Really.
  8. I'm thinking most Texas bands are either on their way or will be sometime this day. Praying for safe travels for all! We'll be cheering for y'all! Go get em! ❤️❤️
  9. I love their show so much! The jazzy music is perfect! Their soloist are incredible, like that trumpet player has a future in the biz tomorrow kind of incredible. The visual is also stunning. Love the colors! Really impressed by them!
  10. There are plenty of us who understand what it's like to miss out and be so close. One time, Haltom missed State by a point. One point. Here's what you do, you look ahead. Focus on the future. The next try at State? Haltom made it! Yes, it's hard. If it weren't, everyone would make it... And wouldn't that make one crazy State contest? Ha ha. At BISD, I thought B Centennial was wonderful. Truly a great show. Very impressive. Colleyville's show? WOW I loved it so much! I love shows that tell stories and the stories are clear. CH has an incredible story to tell. I wouldn't count them out, even a little bit. They sound so good! Area F is super difficult. Lots of great bands. So I'd stop being concerned about what other bands do and focus on what your band can do. Work hard and do your best. Maybe, just maybe it'll pay off.
  11. As an alumni Haltom band mom, I'm more than happy to cheer on other bands, when I see something (and hear something) I enjoy! I know it means a lot, when you see your band's name in the comments and it's positive! Area F is crazy hard and if anyone gets being in a super hard area, it's Haltom. lol You guys were wonderful! So pleased that you made it to finals!! It was great seeing you again.
  12. I remember back in the day when Haltom won this one. 2014. A friend and I raced back to the T-shirt place to have them add a Grand Champions iron on to the sleeve of our sons' shirts and then raced back to the buses, hoping we wouldn't get left behind!
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