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  1. As soon as you start, have your section meet, introduce eachother, maybe tell something unique about themeselves or something along those lines to get everyone familiar with eachother. I'd suggest something along the lines of starting off the year with a party or get together, and making everyone feel welcome, especailly the freshman! NOT AN INITIATION! What we did, we (drumline seniors), called each of the kids parents, and asked if it would be fine to take everyone out to one of our houses, which happened to be out in the country, and had really fun games and bonding activites, order
  2. Broken Arrow. For this year, and last year, and all high school years, and maybe over all DCI shows for me. I cannot stop thinking about it......
  3. I did another one of these: PCEP's average placement in captions was 11.2th place. Ronald Reagan's average placement in captions was 9th place. Lawrence Central's Average placement in captions was 9.5th place. Center Grove's average placement in captions was 8.5th place. William Mason's average placement in captions was 8.5th place. Kennesaw Mountain's average placement in captions was 7.4th place. James Bowie's average placement in captions was 6.8th place. Marian Catholic's average placement in captions was 4.7th place. Tarpon Springs average placement in ca
  4. And then I saw Broken Arrow. WOW. It's Bell 2006 + Tarpon 2010 on the creepiness and disturbing level. Gas masks, smoke machine, people dragging each other, dying, bomb sirens, creepy singing in the field entrance, and imagine LD Bell's guardians from this year gone evil and taken to a whole other level. This sounds really extreme and like it would be too much, but it's PERFECT. As Daniel said on the blog, it's got the GE level of a broadway show and they don't let you go from when they enter the field to when they exit. And they sound just as amazing as how amazing their show design is.
  5. I think both of these bands will make finals, where do you think they will place?
  6. While Bell's show was HARD, it just didn't seem as polished as Coppell or Reagan to me. Oh well, FANTASTIC finals!
  7. Define Central Texas. Because the Central Texas I here everyone refer to is more southeast Texas.
  8. 9 bands were within 1 point of each other (48 - 56). That's TIGHT.
  9. Just watched CTJ. 14th in Music GE my BUTT. The energy they gave off is ridiculous.
  10. Amen, I think it should be 60% on the performance captions/40% on the GE captions instead of the other way around, but what can you do?
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