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  1. FYI, Recaps are not to be posted here until after the conclusion of Finals Awards as that is UIL's policy for when Recaps are officially publicly posted.
  2. In case you haven't noticed, we have a new, fresh, and much more modern look to the Forums thanks to a big software upgrade from @Clarinot! There's lots of new functionality (like tags) to play around with and I'm sure that some things may be broken. Let us know what you think and if you have found any problems!
  3. Reminder that we are live at http://live.txbands.com all 3 days of GN and mostly just focusing on the 6 Texas Bands. You can also stream with a FloMarching subscription http://bit.ly/2NTi3a5 BOA Grand Nationals Schedule: (all times Eastern) https://marching.musicforall.org/event/grandnationals19/ BOA Grand Nationals Texas Schedule: Thursday: 9:45pm (8:45pm CST) - Claudia Taylor Johnson Friday: 9:15am (8:15am CST) - Vandegrift 9:45am (8:45am CST) - Hebron 10:00am (9:00am CST) - Leander 10:15am (9:15am CST) - The Woodlands 7:15pm (6:15pm CST) - Round Rock
  4. FYI, the schedule has been updated to add both Lake Highlands and JJ Pearce. This is due to the cancellation of the Coppell USBands that has several DFW area bands scrambling to find a replacement competition. It is possible that one or two more may or may not be added in the next day or two. https://www.duncanvilleisd.org/cms/lib6/TX01917816/Centricity/Domain/70/DMI%20Schedule%20102219.pdf
  5. Prosper was a GN Finalist last year and missed Finals at a regular Regional the very next year. I am not aware of a single time that this has ever happened in the past.
  6. That schedule is straight reverse prelims placement order.
  7. Those are awesome, but none of them are even in the same league as the things that have happened so far this year.
  8. It is definitely a different texture, more in line with the rest of the activity, but still with outstanding players. I miss the unique color and visual of the concert French horns, but the mellos allow them to speak and project through a lot more easily.
  9. Finals Schedule: 7:30 - Exhibition - Santa Rosa 7:45 - Mission 8:00 - Sharyland 8:15 - Birdville 8:30 - United 8:45 - Del Rio 9:00 - Pioneer 9:15 - John B Alexander 9:30 - McNeil 9:45 - Roma 10:00 - Winston Churchill That means Pio, JBA, McN, Roma, and WC were top-5.
  10. Also, the rain started when McNeil got their tarps set. Then it stopped shortly after McNeil finished. Then McNeil came back out to do a proper fold on their tarps and the rain started again....
  11. United was awesome. I would personally put Churchill over them, but United had a full show. Hard to pick.
  12. You could definitely tell that they had just put the closer on the field this week too.
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