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  1. Although their mid-season results can be a bit hit or miss I'd consider Bowie in this too!
  2. Yeah, I'm inclined to believe him, after all if I had the ability to time travel or predict the future I'd also use it to spoil the results of a high school marching contest.
  3. Westlake is a great program, and a good finals placement is likely, but given their past history 4th place and a music caption don't entirely seem too realistic, unless they have a breakout year. That possibility isn't out of the cards though, considering VR's crazy breakout year so recently.
  4. Honestly, I was shocked they didn't make it last year. I thought they sounded and looked great.
  5. I've heard that Cedar Ridge had an ensemble receive an invite!
  6. That reminds me of Cedar Ridge 2017! I had a blast marching that show and I bet the kids in this program are gonna have a great time too! New York is a great concept with a lot of fun stuff to work with.
  7. I know a lot of stuff seems up in the air right now with the current state of the world, but I thought I may as well copy over this info from the Hornrank forums! Currently Registered BandsCedar Ridge* Cedar Park Dripping Springs Hendrickson Jack C. Hays John B. Alexander John Paul Stevens Louis D. Brandeis New Braunfels Pflugerville Ronald Reagan Rouse Sandra Day O' Connor Vandegrift Weiss Winston Churchill*runs event and will likely be exhibition
  8. I doubt it, as an alumni, we just knew it as a curse of being Cedar Ridge
  9. I can imagine! I've been in the same position before, and it's nerve-wracking, no matter how confident I felt in my prior run, that time where I'd wait to hear my band's name get called for finals was always filled with panic.
  10. "A scheduling conflict with the San Antonio Alamodome that will put the DCI Southwestern Championship on hiatus in 2020, will create the opportunity for Drum Corps International to stage more events in the state of Texas than ever before." DCI Denton Thursday, July 16 Apogee Stadium at the University of North Texas | Denton, TX DCI Austin presented by FloMarching Thursday, July 16 Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex | Austin, TX DCI Katy presented by Band Shoppe Friday, July 17 Legacy Stadium | Katy, TX DCI San Antonio presented by Fred J. Miller, Inc. Saturday, July 18 D.W. Rutledge Stadium at Judson High School | San Antonio, TX DCI Corpus Christi presented by Fred J. Miller, Inc. Saturday, July 18 Wildcat Stadium at Calallen High School | Corpus Christi, TX DCI Mesquite presented by The U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps Monday, July 20 Mesquite Memorial Stadium | Mesquite, TX DCI McKinney Tuesday, July 21 McKinney ISD Stadium | McKinney, TX The big thing of note here is that the Southwestern Championship has been put in hiatus temporarily. The return to Kelly Reeves is gonna be good news for a lot of fans, myself included, but I'm gonna miss the Alamodome next year.
  11. There were so many standouts I couldn't choose just one for a lot of these. Best general effect: Ronald Reagan Best visual: Vandy Best music: Vandy(for cleanliness)/Reagan(for raw power) Best visual concept: The Woodlands (they really ran with their concept uniform-wise) Best show idea/concept: The Woodlands (just had a lot of fun watching this one) Best solo: CTJ Trombonist/Vista Ridge Soprano Sax, Rouse clarinet Best feature: Various Vandy trumpet features, Cedar Ridge's Taiko Drums, Reagan's Trombones, the list goes on and on Best musical selection: Leander Most innovative show: JBA Most original concept: Cedar Ridge, Hendrickson, Ronald Reagan, Flower Mound, Round Rock. Best crowd appeal: Ronald Reagan Most underrated: John B. Alexander (score-wise), Prosper (forum buzz-wise) Most improved: Pearland, Round Rock Best colorguard: Ronald Reagan Best pit: Cedar Ridge Best drumline: Cedar Ridge Best brass: Ronald Reagan Best woodwinds: Vandegrift Best prop: Vista's big stage, L.D. Bell's break away tarps/scrims, Woodlands "New York, New York", Leander Smokestacks, once again the list goes and on. Best uniforms: Woodlands, Cedar Ridge, Ronald Reagan, Vandegrift Best guard uniforms: Woodlands, Vandy, Rouse, Flower Mound Best overall pre-show: Leander (absolutely love the vibe created) Best overall opener: Leander, Hebron Best overall ballad: Ronald Reagan, Vista (that soloist was KILLER), Hebron Best overall closer: Cedar Ridge, love how it ramps up and get so intense, L.D. Bell had a super pretty closer too, and Leander, wow what a visual experience.
  12. Panel 2 Music Ensemble seems to skew significantly lower than Panel 1 Music Ensemble in prelims. At least from what I saw.
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