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  1. Vandegrifts drill plan is to get movement 3 learned this week, movement 4 to drum break next week, and clean clean clean in the next two weeks coming up to BOA Austin
  2. Vandegrift's 2022 show will be called "Into The Grid" Musical Selections Include - "Into the Grid" - Daft Punk (Source Material for MVT 1) "MACHINE" From Symphony #5 - William Bolcom (Source Material for MVT 2) "Adagio" - Daft Punk (Source Material for MVT 3) "Masks and Machines" - Paul Dooley (Source Material for MVT 4) "Hymn of Acxiom"- Vienna Teng (Source Material for MVT 4) Original Material written by Shaw and Markworth From my understanding the show will contain some experimental marching and attempt to create a 3D effect on the field using formations of props and marchers.
  3. if you want the official recaps dm me cause they are gonna get taken down here
  4. If someone actually DOES get the recaps, please post them here! It will solve a lot of peoples headaches! 😂
  5. Someone DM me the recaps please, would really help me confirm some suspicions! 🤗
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