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  1. Reagan's Secret World Insane The face behind the face!
  2. I'll keep my $10 then at least it will pay for half of my parking at Alamodome!
  3. So are these odds to win it all or just making the finals? Because if these odds are just for making the finals I'll put $10. on the field that someone will come out nowhere and send one of the so called powerhouse band packing
  4. Look at the bright side there will be some great seats opening up!
  5. Garcia's Mexican and Pollos Asados Los Nortenos are both as good as any fancy Michelin-Starred restaurants. Be prepared to wait in a line but we'll worth the wait! Go CyFalls!!
  6. Do you mean do I have photos? Katy ISD wants any edge because I guess they got sick of getting their butts kicked by CyFair ISD all these years.
  7. 28th out of 36 bands got to love any competition held in this Katy dump. Band had to push in props from a very long distance and refused to let water coolers brought to band so they went without water 2 hours in mid afternoon sun. To top it all our gracious hosts kept their Katy bands in air conditioned rooms! Karma
  8. CyFair school district is the 3rd largest in Texas and shows no sign of slowing down. Many of the affluent neighborhoods are where the new beautiful schools are built or will soon be built. Neighborhoods where strong band programs like Langham Creek, CyFair, and CyFalls are changing because of this sprawl. I imagine schools in Katy ISD will soon be in the same boat.
  9. Reagan's Secret World is my favorite show of all time. Now just add bikes like Broken Arrow!
  10. Only second competition CFalls has participated in last 2 years ( BOA St Louis and State Area ) It is comical how many practices, football game halftime performances, and competitions Falls band had to sit out it the last 2 years. Knock on wood this year has been a different story!
  11. Hats off to Little Cypress. I'm sure many of these students haven't recovered from the massive flooding yet!
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