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Found 2 results

  1. I saw there wasn't any predictions for class 5A for different areas so I wanted to create a thread! I hope to see some entertaining predictions!
  2. I don't typically make any posts, let alone topics; but this was something I really wanted to hear people's opinions and thoughts on. Today, DCI released what rule change proposals were being discussed at their winter business meeting, and one, proposed by one of the board of directors, would "allow the use of any instrument, including woodwinds, effective 2021." I know this was only released today, but I would appreciate hearing anyone's thoughts on this proposal, considering it would undeniably change DCI, for better or for worse. That being said, I personally do not agree with passing this proposal, nor do I believe it would benefit the identity of drum and bugle corps considering that adding woodwinds en masse would effectively not make them (referring to any DBC) a drum and bugle corps. Not to say that they can't use them as soloists if the proposal is passed, (such as how BD used a violin soloist in their 2019 program) and only have the one (or more) soloist(s) the whole show. This, in effect would mean they would likely not actually march and instead be part of the front ensemble. But it seems the way the Drum Corps is moving, that the modern show designer may give them different roles and innovate on how the woodwind(s) would interact with the rest of the corps. Despite these arguments, I still believe it would be a massive change change for the Drum Corps community, because it will have compromised the most important difference between Drum Corps and Marching Band. I suppose it would be good to note that I am a woodwind player still of age to participate in drum corps, so this decision means a lot to me, and likely a lot of you who are reading this that may not have had a chance to experience marching in a drum corps yet. Anyhow, there are so many arguments to be made for both sides, like the benefits of woodwind players learning brass instruments, but I'm on break and don't want to have to write any more essay-esque stuff until school starts back up so I'll end it there Here are the links to all of the proposals if you haven't seen them yet; I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! https://www.dci.org/news/2020-dci-rules-congress-proposals-at-a-glance
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