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Found 7 results

  1. I saw there wasn't any predictions for class 5A for different areas so I wanted to create a thread! I hope to see some entertaining predictions!
  2. Area F schools, information, predictions.
  3. Yesterday the schedule for the 2019 Drum Corps season dropped. Before I highlight the Texas events some highlights include: - The Tour Premier will return to Detroit for a second year. - Due to a scheduling conflict, there will be no dome competition in St. Louis. This event will now be held in Belleville, IL. - Quashing rumors that costs would prevent them from returning, DCI will still hold the Southeastern Championship at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. - The Open Class Championships will move from Michigan City, IN to Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN. Now to highlight next years Texas events. I'll also post where each corps are competing, with the exception of the Southwestern Championship. 7/18/2019: DCI Central Texas, Belton, TX, Competing Corps: Genesis, Guardians, Jersey Surf, Madison Scouts, Music City, Oregon Crusaders, and Spirit of Atlanta. 7/18/2019: DCI North Texas, Denton, TX, Competing Corps: The Academy, Blue Knights, Boston Crusaders, The Cadets, Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, Colts, Crossmen, Mandarins, Pacific Crest, Phantom Regiment, and Troopers. 7/19/2019: Tour of Champions - Texas, Katy, TX, Competing Corps: Blue Devils, Blue Stars, Bluecoats, The Cadets, Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, and Santa Clara Vanguard. 7/20/2019: DCI Southwestern Championship, San Antonio, TX 7/22/2019: DCI Mesquite, Mesquite, TX, Competing Corps: Blue Devils, Blue Knights, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, Colts, Crossmen, Madison Scouts, Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard, Spirit of Atlanta, and Troopers.
  4. If y'all were not already aware there were significant UIL Music Updates both, on the UIL Music department level and including updates to the Music Sections of the UIL Constitution. I will start with some news that I could not find any reference from the official Music Update PDFs or even the C&CR Update to the UIL Constitution. If you were not already aware, UIL State Marching Band contest now takes place 3 days, at least for the 4A/6A Conference that is anyways. Inside the spoiler are the dates with the direct source. Next are UIL Music Updates to the Prescribed Music List and State Marching Band Championships. The 2nd and 3rd one I had actually suggested through submitting a proposal to amend the UIL Constitution, which I figured warranted this since updating the UIL C&CR would had been unnecessary. xD Even though, I had graduated already, I knew that if it did went through, I would left behind another unknown legacy which was worth the risk. :3 Inside the spoilers are the 3 Music Updates and the sources. Finally, we have C&CR Updates for the 2016-17 School Year that affect UIL Music since it has already gone into effect for the year starting in August or September. That is all for now. Here is the *PDF Link* for people that want to see the 2016-2017 UIL Constitution Here is the *PDF Link* to the TEA-UIL Side by Side for 2016-2017 which does not change at all or if anything does change it is usually minimal or unnoticeable. Also, if you want to see the UIL Rule Proposals you can look over here too... *Insert Link Here* And for anyone wondering how I managed to have successfully proposed a rule change for the UIL Music State Marching Band Contest, I actually submitted a large idea proposal of various ideas via the only form for suggesting UIL Rules changes because anyone in Texas can submit a rule change. You don't even have to be in austin at their UIL meeting for the rule proposal to be brought up anyways. xD *Insert that Link here* Okay, for real though, that is all for now.
  5. Who do you think are the top drumlines in Texas? I'm gonna say Keller, Flowermound, Marcus and maybe Hebron. Thoughts?
  6. This is a thread for all of the percussion freaks! This will be a discussion about all drumlines in Texas and what you think about them. What is YOUR favorite drum book? Show? What was the hardest, fastest, and coolest show/book you have seen? Your favorite line in Texas? Your favorite section? Your favorite section from a certain school? Your favorite uniform (sorry, I had to )? Your favorite everything! Do not limit yourself to this year, go as far back as you want!
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