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Found 15 results

  1. I saw there wasn't any predictions for class 5A for different areas so I wanted to create a thread! I hope to see some entertaining predictions!
  2. New Region Alignment: Any thoughts on how this will effect different regions and groups? https://align.tmea.org/align_2022/index.php
  3. As my high school years are slowly coming closer to an end and college is nearing, I was wondering, what majors did y'all study? I notice a good number of parents on here and so I'm curious, did anyone major in music? Also, were any of y'all in college band? If so, how was it and how does it differ from high school?
  4. I would just like to give a big thanks and all my appreciation to txbands.com, although I only discovered these forums two years ago, and only officially made an account late last year, reading all the posts and forums on here has been one of my favorite pastimes during marching season. I'm not leaving or anything, I just wanted to express my gratitude that a website for marching band lovers, especially Texas bands, exists and is actively used. With all that, I'm so excited for this upcoming marching season and look forwards to all the shows and predictions!
  5. From what i have seen from pearland the past few years is that they have been getting scarily better if anyone knows anything or wants to put input especially if u go to the school
  6. Dripping Springs seems like a great band that is never talked about. What are yalls opinion on them??
  7. Here are the bands competing in 2 weeks Angleton High School Ball High School Clear Falls High School Clear Lake High School Dawson High School Texas City High School Dickinson High School Pearland High School Oak Ridge High School Clear Brook High School Little Cypress Mauriceville HS J. Frank Dobie High School North Shore Senior High School Waller High School Stephen F. Austin High School What are your thoughts on the bands? Will Pearland take 1st after the strong finish last year leaving them in top 40 in the nation and end SFA's streak will they keep the streak or maybe another band LET OUT YOUR OPINIONS
  8. Curious to know, what school and year do you think is the best band ever? Justification and a bideo if possible. Don't get heated, this is just opinions.
  9. So I started this thread just so we could brag about our own bands show this year and maybe spread some love. I'll start with mine (Poteet) (4:20) This had to be my favorite show out of my 4 years. We've embraced change and are moving on up imo. I loved the technicality in the show for all sections and also loved the amount of sound we were able to produce this year. Wasn't the best recording b/c they wouldn't let us record in the press box so it's at a low-angle and the crowd noise is too much at times but arguably our best performance of the year.
  10. Pick all of your favorites from each category: General effect: Music: Visual: Singer: Color guard: Concept: Props: Battery: Field entry: Field walk off: Random show feature:
  11. Drums Along the Brazos Drumline Contest Saturday, November 5th, 2016 Drums Along the Brazos Website Cougar Stadium - College Station HS - College Station, TX This contest will feature: Renowned Adjudicators in the Percussion Community: Mario Luna; Fine Arts Director - Forney ISD, former Percussion Director - Forney HS Jamey Kollar; Assistant Director of the Spirit of Houston Marching Band University of Houston Carlos Botello; Percussion Director at Naamn Forest High School, Percussion Instructor - Blue Devils B Drum and Bugle Corps, 2016 DCI Open Class Champion Division and Classification System for 2016: Small School Division (UIL 1A-4A), Large School Division (5A and 6A) Novice and Advanced Classifications in both HS Divisions See website for additional details. * We also have a separate Division for any interested Middle School Drumlines 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Trophies for placement in all Classifications, Outstanding Section Awards, and a Grand Champion Trophy for highest overall score. Our Goals: 1) Provide a well-run contest that will provide a great experience for all involved. 2) Provide a cost effective contest opportunity for your Percussion Section in this part of Texas. 3) Provide excellent feedback from our Judges at the end of your Marching Season to help you transition into your next activity. 4) Promote overall Support and Awareness of the Outdoor Percussion and Marching Band Activity. Send me an email to let me know if you are interested or just have more questions. You can also register for the contest online at our website. Contest Entry Fee: $175 if entered by the October 14th Deadline. After October 14th, Entry Fee will be $200 and accepted based on time slot availability. Thank you! Jon Seale Percussion Director/Assistant Band Director College Station HS 979-731-6751 JSeale@csisd.org Eric Eaks Director of Bands College Station HS 979-731-6750 EEaks@csisd.org
  12. Recently saw them at a contest and was shocked to see that they've never been to state, so my question is, in 2015 do you see them making a run at state?
  13. My name is Emma. I started playing trumpet in eighth grade after I moved to Texas. Now I've been playing for three years, and I'm a high school sophomore. Here's the dealio. I practice 90+ minutes a day, 30-40 minutes in the band hall before school, 30 minutes during study hall, and 30 minutes after marching band before I do my homework. I keep a practice log that details what I've practiced, how long I practiced it, and what I need to work on. I practice long tones, scales, Clarke studies, lip slurs, and various other exercises before moving on to my actual music for band. I take private lessons for 30 minutes every Tuesday with a guy who has a PhD, and I'm just gonna assume this PhD is for music performance. I go to all the sectionals. I follow every direction anyone could ever give me. But here's the thing, despite this constant hard work and practice, I'm still fifth to last chair in my 25-person section. I'm second chair in my school's last band. Because of my placement, I'm seen as a lazy slacker, and the rest of my section treats me with no respect. I, along with the other players in cadet band, weren't even invited to our section party or allowed to buy a section shirt. What's wrong with me? What am I doing wrong? Sometimes I just feel like giving up; my director says that all you can do is work hard and you will succeed, but I guess it just doesn't apply to me. But I love band more than anything, so even if I do suck, I'm not gonna actually give up. Sorry for this emo rant-y thing. Basically, fellow trumpet players, do you have any life-saving advice that can help me finally be good at playing music and be respected by the rest of the band?
  14. So anything with "bands" and "Dairy Queen" in it is great in my book! Anyway, here are the bands participating as of 7/31/13: Birdville H.S., TX Clements H.S., TX Coppell H.S., TX Haltom H.S., TX Hebron H.S., TX J. J. Pearce H.S., TX James Martin H.S., TX John H. Guyer H.S., TX Keller Central H.S., TX Keller Fossil Ridge H.S., TX Keller H.S., TX L.D. Bell H.S., TX L.V. Berkner H.S., TX Lake Ridge H.S., TX Legacy H.S., TX Lewisville H.S., TX Mansfield H.S., TX Marcus H.S., TX Pflugerville H.S., TX Pleasant Grove H.S., TX Redwater H.S., TX Richland H.S., TX The Colony H.S., TX Wakeland H.S., TX Wills Point H.S., TX Looks like a fabulous line-up!
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