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  1. Keller Central 2024: Another Time, Another Place Musical Selections: Take Five - David Brubeck Toward The Splendid City - Richard Danielpour You And I - Stevie Wonder Phoenix - Peter Graham
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  2. Colleyville Heritage 2024 show production: Mettle Music Selections: Asphalt Cocktail- John Mackey Dance Movements- Philip Sparke Black Dog- Scott Mcallister Bells for Stokowski- Michael Daugherty Tour Schedule: Mansfield Preview of champions Broken Arrow Marching invitational Birdville Marching invitational Uil Area f Uniforms: They changed their uniforms to Black with a hint of white with gold flakes on the top right. Very excited to see how this show turns out
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  3. Lake Belton 2024 Production: Eternal Glory Musical Selections from Dimitri Shostakovich Symphony No. 10 Symphony No. 5 Piano Concerto No. 2 Jazz Waltz No. 2 Fire of Eternal Glory
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