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  1. Wylie's show this year is pretty freaking awesome if you haven't seen it yet. So yeah, that middle block is definitely going to be insane.
  2. http://www.texasmusicforms.com/regions/5/AreaMarching/2017/Area%20B%205A/Area%20B%205A%20Official%20Schedule.pdf
  3. Region 5 happened yesterday, results are on the Region 5 website.
  4. I might replace Liberty with Lake Ridge. Their run at Wylie finals was pretty fantastic. I like Liberty's show as well, but Lake Ridge is about as clean as you can get.
  5. If I counted correctly, 9 bands from Region 5 5A received a First Division yesterday. That would mean that even if the other 15 5A bands from the other regions receive Frist Divisions, they will only take 4 bands to state.
  6. Top 5 Finals: 1. Lake Ridge (music, visual) 2. McKinney Boyd (guard) 3. Summit 4. North Mesquite 5. Lone Star (percussion) It's safe to say Lake Ridge is dominant at this contest, this being their third year in a row to win.
  7. They're extremely clean every year, especially by the end of the season. I could see them making state.
  8. Highland Park is not attending, you probably confused them for Lake Highlands, another good band.
  9. They've gotten a lot smaller since then and have sadly had some band director complications as well.
  10. Top Five No Order: Keller Central Berkner Hebron Marcus (Not so sure about McKinney after 19th at Southlake, but anything can happen)
  11. I think we can all agree: 1. Flower Mound/Hebron 2. Flower Mound/Hebron 3. Frisco Centennial/Duncanville 4. Frisco Centennial/Duncanville Of course, judging by the results of Southlake, it's a toss up between Hebron/FloMo. My guess is that the band that wins music will win the competition. I have a hard time deciding between Centennial and Duncanville for third. Firstly, I haven't seen Centennial in person this year and I can't find any videos of them. I would definitely not be surprised if their show is as impactful as their last state year (2015). Secondly, Duncanville's finish at Sou
  12. Quick sidenote on the Hebron trumpet soloist. He is a sophomore that made jazz state as a freshman.
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