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  1. Don't remember exactly but I'm fairly certain it went- 1. Plano East 2. Plano Sr. 3. Lone Star and beyond that, I don't know.
  2. Just popping in to say how impressed I am with what these schools have been able to accomplish under the circumstances. I was particularly moved by FloMo and their absolutely gorgeous arrangement of rocky point and by Hebron, whose show is undoubtedly the most musically ambitious I’ve seen from this years slate (shocker, I know) but I liked it mostly because I felt like it transported me back to the kind of show Hebron would have fielded 10-15 years ago (I’m so old ) Can’t wait to see how this turns out!
  3. Leander has never struck me as the type of band that changes their style all that much on UIL years anyway, they just put on the coolest Most artistic show they can regardless of the rubric they’re being judged on, which I admire
  4. I think matched grip is more popular in Texas than other places. Some see it as a cop out but I think traditional grip is needlessly cumbersome unless you’re tilting your snares, which itself is uncomfortable. Traditional grip does look cooler though lol
  5. it was the third part of a trilogy of shows that were loosely inspired by the rapture, with 2005's Ascension: Light of Gold representing the actual rapture, 2006's The Remaining (probably my favorite show ever- the drama! the power! the physicality!) depicting those who were left behind on Earth, and 2007's transcenDENTS (I can offer no insight into why the title was styled this way, but it was, lol) representing some kind of redemption for the remaining (i think?) The activity has advanced so drastically since then, but I don't think I've ever seen another show that was as cinematic and capti
  6. congrats Vandegrift! They really stepped up their game this year and it payed off. To win grand nationals on their first go, place first across all three levels of competition, and nearly become the first Texas band to win visual in finals is such an incredible accomplishment. Also, they can still lay claim to the title of only band in America that Avon hasn’t beaten, lol
  7. keep in mind, a texas band has NEVER won visual in grand national finals. Vandy (or Leander!) could become the first tonight. Fingers crossed!
  8. Flo Mo def won’t go in 2020. They were originally scheduled to do nats in 18 as opposed to 17, but after 16 was such a debacle for all the state participants who were also going to nationals, the moved it up to 17, I believe at the districts request. They and Marcus will likely go in 2021
  9. Thank you!! Great show from them, they’ve improved so drastically over the last few years. Pretty remarkable stuff from such a small ensemble. Rainbow connection was stunning! I wonder why their membership is so low compared to similarly sized schools. Maybe their success will help with recruitment. It’s about time they start attending BOA, they would be firmly in the running for finals at just about any regular season regional
  10. I have yet to see highland parks show and my curiosity is killing me!! If anyone has a video please share!
  11. Yes, this all may be true (though I think the Indy super field is a bit deeper than you’re suggesting- blue springs would almost certainly make SA finals and Lincoln way, homestead, and o’Fallon would definitely be in the mix) but that just goes back to what I was saying before, which is that MFA is not going to put themselves in a position to explicitly state that the level of competition in Texas is stronger, even if it’s true. There’s already some curmudgeons in the north that think it’s ridiculous we have 6 regionals on top of the super. The only way this contest gets a semis, which I agre
  12. Well in terms of size, the Indy super was just as big as San Antonio, each maxing out at 84 bands. St. Louis wasn’t too far behind at 69 bands. I agree that the practicality of instituting a semis round shouldn’t necessarily have anything to do with prestige, but I think the reasons that MFA will not pull the trigger on it do have to do with the prestige of grand nats, among other concerns like cost and the ability of programs to miss class, etc
  13. after 6 consecutive state finals appearances, Wakeland finally lands on the podium, snagging the bronze medal and nearly earning silver. Congrats! It's long overdue in my opinion
  14. I can’t imagine BOA would institute a semis round at San Antonio without adding them to the St. Louis and Indianapolis supers as well- even though it may be true that SAs level of competition is deeper, they don’t want to appear to be playing favorites. Not to mention a semis round at SA would take away from the luster, appeal and all around uniqueness of grand nationals. Im firmly of the belief a semis round will never happen for these reasons and the ones laid out above by flomo parent
  15. 5A State participants scores at BOA San Antonio: 1. Cedar Park- 86.70 (22nd)- Panel 2 2. Wakeland- 86.43 (24th)- Panel 1 3. Rouse- 84.93 (31st)- Panel 1 4. Burleson Centennial- 84.80 (33rd)- Panel 2 5. Wylie East- 84.18 (34th)- Panel 2 6. Friendswood- 83.80 (36th)- Panel 2 7. Weiss- 81.60 (41st)- Panel 2 8. Aledo- 81.30 (42nd)- Panel 2 9. Tom Glenn- 79.35 (47th)- Panel 1 10. Forney- 76.30 (54th)- Panel 1 11. Pioneer- 76.03 (57th)- Panel 1 Some interesting things to note here- most notably Wakeland less than a quarter of a point behind Cedar Park and a point and half ahead of Rou
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