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  1. At Austin Regions this year, some CTJ students (not sure if band members or just fans) in the stands would ask other schools for kid names to yell out as bands entered the field. It was so cute and spirited.
  2. Not sure what my husband and I will do. Our Vandegrift band son graduates this year. Gonna be weird, that is for sure.
  3. I am a senior Vandegrift parent. I have been shushed and had eyes rolled at me in the stands this year. NOT at BOA San Antonio but at other competitions. We had to report a parent in the stands at UIL Region for commenting loudly (negative comments) during our show and others. (do not know what school he was from if any) I did not get to meet any Avon parents in San Antonio, but that would have been nice. It is fun and an honor to see other schools perform. It is fun and an honor to walk around competitions and see school t-shirts and wave and compliment each other. Thank you!
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