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  1. So I know it's been a while since this thread has been updated but here's my very very very early predictions for this area: 1st - Coppell: I think it's pretty obvious what they will win this area because they was been the defending area Champs for 3 years in a row and this year will be no different. Also this is truly the only lock for state IMO. 2nd-7th - Bell, Keller, KC, TC, Haltom, SLC: This is definitely going to be a massive bloodbath over who's going to get the last 3 spots, but anything could happen. As of now, I have Bell, Keller, and TC going, but it could reverse too. 8th-10th - Lake Ridge, Mansfield, Legacy, Trinity, Boswell, S. Grand Prairie, Martin, North Crowley: So with LR and Martin, they must have just had a bad/unlucky season last year so maybe things will turn around for them this season for the better. As for the other bands, they are definitely rising programs that have seen tremendous growth last season and these patterns I would imagine will continue throughout next season, but then again anything could happen.
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