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  1. 3rd through 6th...yikes! Congrats to Marcus, Hebron and Bell! Wish I could've been there to see it. Gotta say, really happy for Hebron. They've come such a long way after jumping on to the scene with that classic DDR show. That was the show that made me realize how amazing this activity can be! Huge strides for them this year! Also really happy for Bell. I think a lot of people jumped off ship due to their lower than Bell standard of this years results, but it's good to see their risk in difficulty really paid off in the end. I'm thinking they'll be back on top in the very near future.
  2. I will perhaps ignorantly and optimistically say that I think a regional in this area would easily attract 20 bands and i think stand a good chance at getting close to that 30 cap, particularly if it were at the same site as the area contest. I think many of the Austin area bands would jump at the chance for a short trip to a large (big name) contest. And lets just admit it, who wouldn't love seeing a majority of the top bands in the area duke it out in the palace...It would be like a 4A/5A Area D contest (plus those brave enough to jump in from elsewhere). Who wouldn't wanna be involved in th
  3. There are plenty of great new stadiums in CenTex, but I agree that I'm not sure if any of them have the capacity to host the large volume of bands a central texas regional would attract. I could see this regional getting 45+ bands, and that's hard for any venue in any region to host (which is why we love the Alamodome so much!) I would like to be optimistic and assume that the Palace could somehow logistically work out fitting these bands in if the opportunity presented itself. Heck let's just find a way to put it in DKR (trust me, I know the many flaws in that...but think of how cool it could
  4. I was wondering when we'd see the "reputation" card pulled. Afraid to to say that playing that card here is really against your point, as Round Rock is hardly a band with no reputation. They've been an iconic band in this area for a very long time. If anything, the fact that Round Rock didn't make finals is a testament to the fact that this contest doesn't use "reputation" in their judging rubric.
  5. Brace yourselves...a wave of debate is coming. Not only the surprising lack of round rock, but also, what happened to Anderson? Thought they were on their way to a great season (not that this negates that!) But before that debate goes down, congratz to the advancing bands! Area D will be well represented!
  6. My prediction - Prelims will have a mess of scores, as they should when there are this many high caliber bands, but people will complain about the system anyway...Finals will work things out, people will still complain about the score discrepancy some more, even though the right bands will be advancing.
  7. yikes....so close to 7 too. Kind of a bummer since I'm pretty confident that 9-10 of these bands would be very competitive at state.
  8. Has this ever happened? I think it's a relatively newer rule, but has it been used yet?
  9. Bowie had arguably one of its best seasons in its long history last year...in my opinion they had a show that would have been top 3 at UIL state last year, if not the winning show. I think they're at the top of their game right now, and while history isn't everything, it's about all we got to go off of for these predictions (that mean pretty much nothing in the end). I think both Bowie and CTJ will be in the hunt for top 5 at state this year though. And Cedar Park, not a powerhouse?? A Grand Nat finalist and a state championship in the couple of years and they aren't a powerhouse? Do I li
  10. I completely agree with this. Westlake doesn't compete much before UIL gets going...if at all. And they really don't need to. They have a system that just flat out works, and I don't see them changing that until something goes wrong. Are they flashy? No. They rarely stand out as the most entertaining band in this area...are they good? Heck yeah. They know their strengths and they play to them.
  11. I don't think anyone is counting out Lake Travis, but the fact that they were 5th among bands that they are competing with at area at that contest, with really just a handful of those potential finalists at the contest, there is reason for doubt. Of course it's just one contest with a very different rubric for judging, but it's very hard to consider them a lock by any means. I do love the show though!
  12. In 2008 The Woodlands was disqualified after area for what I think was an ineligible marcher? However, the decision in actually disqualifying them took a few days, meaning North Shore (the alternate) had an unbelievably short amount of time to plan that trip. It's exciting, but I can't imagine how stressful that must have been...
  13. Ah yes, classic Area D. It seems every time a few bands drop down to 4A, only to be replaced by even better upcoming schools. I honestly don't think there are many locks in this contest, especially considering the lack of head to head results between the schools. So i'm just gonna do in order of my confidence of advancing Bowie CTJ Round Rock Reagan Westlake (when was the last time they missed state??) Cedar Ridge Anderson Churchill (how can everyone forget Churchill?) Hendrickson Lake Travis (not as hot as last year, but still a strong program) Pflugerville
  14. What??? No area D talk yet? I would start that conversation, but I'm not even fully sure of who is 5A this year in Area D, so I'll let someone else start that discussion.
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