TxBands SSA
The TxBands Simple Score Archive (SSA) is your one stop for finding accurate contest results with minimal searching. Right now, all you need to do is put in the year and then select the contest. Our archive is always growing and could not do so without your help. If you have scores (no matter how many years ago) or if you find an error, please email bands@txbands.com and we'll take care of it.
This archive contains past scores and is not always updated instantly. For scores of very recent events, check the TxBands.com Live Blog.

We haven't done a great job at keeping our scores database up to date! Want to help us out? Send an email to bands@txbands.com and we will get you set up!

DISCLAIMER: All scores are the property of the contest organization that created and judged the event. TxBands.com is a simple score database and will only display final, summed scores as well as caption winners. For a full recap of results or an explanation of how the contest was judged, please visit the contest website. Any errors, concerns, or score updates should be directed to bands@txbands.com.

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