Here's how it works...
Each event we enter will show up on the main page. You can only create one set of predictions for each event, and once you create and finalize your list, you will not be able to change it. You can start adding your predictions as soon as the event appears on the site.

The timeframe for adding your list of predictions ends at 2:00AM CST the morning of the event. At this time the event is marked as "in progress" and cannot be modified or added to. When an event is complete, a staff member will enter the results of the event into the site. You will be able to see when this happens because the color of the event will change from yellow to red.

One point is awarded for every place, including captions, that is correctly predicted. The points for the event are added to the users total score. You can see how many points were awarded for an event by clicking the "view predictions" link any time after the results have been entered. Each checkmark means 1 point has been awarded.

You also receive fractional points for "close calls" in your prediction list based on how far off you were in your list. For example, if you guess the first place school as 3rd place, you would still receive 0.25 points.

Placement Accuracy Points Awarded
0 1.00
+/- 1 0.75
+/- 2 0.50
+/- 3 0.25

Prizes are awarded for top overall scores, adding events, and overall amount of participation in predictions.