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5 minutes ago, bancl said:

Keller High School (Keller, Tx)

Musical Selections
Violin Concerto No. 2 - Samuel Barber
All Love Can Be - Charlotte Church (From "A Beautiful Mind")
Symphony No. 2 - Gustav Mahler



OMG This Looks INCREDIBLE!!!! They WANT to make finals at gn this year, and this show seems like one that they are going to execute so well! I can't wait to see this live! 

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13 hours ago, urmom292 said:

Dripping Springs 2023

Fugue State

Featuring the music of Bach, Brad Mehldau, Bartok, Kate Bush


def the most interesting theme so far. musically obvious tho i'm wondering how they'll communicate a fugue state visually. that's like when u move to a new place or happen to find yourself there and you forget all about who you are, you lose your memories. guessing they'll prob go for general trippiness like Bluecoats.

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On 5/7/2023 at 7:17 PM, Stros22 said:

Stephen F. Austin HS (Sugar Land)
BALLER(ina) - Pointe of Rebellion

Musical Selections
Swan Lake - Tchaikovsky
Giselle - Adolphe Adam
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Lacrymosa - Mozart and Evanescence
and more from Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Nirvana, and Guns N' Roses



lolol. this one's giving me life.

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Lovejoy HS: Glow 

Featuring the music of Steven Bryant, John Mackey, Ryan George and Eric Whiteface. 

The band is losing their head director, Paul Heuer, to Frisco Reedy, so the program may be at of a bit of a rebuilding phase next year, but it’s looking to be an amazing show!


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On 5/14/2023 at 12:43 AM, H27dk said:

Duncanville HS - Tag Team


I have a feeling that they are going to go very far places with this show, especially in boa! If it’s what I’m thinking it’s gonna be like, could definitely see them maybe, just possibly, finishing top half at the Prosper regional. 

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know a couple of the pieces from twhs' 2023 rep. let'sss just say im already sensing a theme of sorts. maaybe even some stuff you've heard before but w/ a fresh spin? dunno.

anyway im off to watch a certain Indy band from 2004 again. and if i have time maybe one of those DCI championship shows from the first half of the 90s. kinda late tho.

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50 minutes ago, Ain'tNoBand said:

2023 Duncanville High School. Four teams take the field. Which team will stand victorious? Let the games begin...

Tag Team

On Eagle's Wings - Robert W. Smith

Javelin - Michael Torke

Team - Lorde

Epiphanies - Ron Nelson

Finale to Symphony No. 8 - Anton Bruckner

Design Team - Michael Shapiro, Wayne Downey, Peter Beckhart, Brandon Cummings and Luke Vogt


I'm hoping they do something like what The Cadets did in 2011 in DCI (between Angels and Demons)

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