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2022 6A UIL State

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43 minutes ago, FormerWildcat said:

Back when there were only 5 judges, if two music and one visual judge had a band in first place, that band would automatically become the state champion regardless of points. North Lamar won state by this rule in 2016. Not sure of the rules for this particular contest.

The rule could also be applied with two visual judges and one music judge awarded first place, but that was much more rare. It had to cross caption lines as the rule didn’t apply to three music judges awarding first place. The rule was designed to avoid what happened a few years ago at Area B when Keller had two music and 1 visual judge awarding First Place while a 2A judge, with an ax to grind regarding the Military versus Corps marching style debate, awarded Keller tenth place. This gave Waxahatchie the lowest ordinal score, but it was initially decided the rules application was implied at Area even though the UIL rules only described application at the SMBC. Keller was declared the Area B winner that night. The next day the judges received administrative clarification (without either band having requested an appeal) and the win was awarded to Waxahatchie. Neither program was concerned about the change as the point of Area is to advance and both did.

Incidentally, the rule was changed, at the first opportunity, to be applied at area as well when a five judge panel is used.

And a 2A judge lost all credibility.

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1 minute ago, GeekBoy54 said:

What an upset! This feels bigger than Vista over Flower Mound in '18! I'm sure the crowd went wild. What a season!


I disagree, in '18 Vista had come off missing BOA SA finals the previous years and missing state finals in '16 by a lot and then beating a well established, strong Flowermound band. For this year we all knew how great Vandy and Hebron were, it was expected that one of them two would be champions. Anyways, congrats to Vandy!! Proud of all 14 bands tonight.

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