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2022 6A UIL State

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Just now, lost said:

You might be into something. I’m not sure about the rule, can someone refresh us?

Back when there were only 5 judges, if two music and one visual judge had a band in first place, that band would automatically become the state champion regardless of points. North Lamar won state by this rule in 2016. Not sure of the rules for this particular contest.

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I had to go to meetings this afternoon, did I miss anything good?  


Speaking as a former vista parent (3 kids) I'm happy to see them doing so well.  And I thank everyone for heaping praise on them.  They pulled big upset in 2018; and though I thought they deserved it, FloMo did as well.  I think Vista had a real crowd-pleaser and judge-pleaser show that overcame any minor technical problems.  One judge admitted to crying, I heard.

This year, it just seems so much more competitive with 5-6 bands that would've easily won in 2018 (or other years).  I wish there were a way to have a six way tie.  

But this year, I think its Hebron's world and we're all living in it.  

1. Hebron


3. Vandegrift

4. Vista Ridge

5. Reagan

6. Cedar Ridge

7. Flower Mound

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I think I'm gonna lean:

1st: Hebron/Vandy

3rd: Vista

4th: TWHS/Reagan

6th: FM

7th: Cedar Ridge

8th: Marcus

9th: CTJ/Coppell

11th: RR

12th: Keller

13th: Pearland

14th: Waxahachi

While I think Vista is going to knock it out of the park musically and with percussion, I still think that visual is going to be where they might lose some ground. Hebron and Vandy are both going to be top 3 in all 5 visual and music categories, and I would be surprised if the C/D results from yesterday repeat and Hebron is outside of the top 5. For Vandy's sake, I worry that they might not get 2s and 3s, TWHS and Reagan might scoop in and drop their scores a little bit. They've always been keen on being good at everything but have been just short of 1st, but if their scores aren't as consistent, they might lose ground on Hebron. For Hebron, they just need to not lose Music. Even with how good the other bands sound, the sound and difficulty that Hebron produces is just going to be so hard to beat. I think we've gotten a little complacent with just how incredible they sound with their difficulty that is pretty much unparalleled, and again, I think "Music Content" is going to give Hebron a big enough lead that it might be hard to take a 1 from them in Music. But if they do lose a 1, I think it's Vandy's race to win.

I also think CTJ is going to swap places with RR. I don't think CTJ had a perfect run, but watching them right next to each other I still think that they're going to get the edge. RR's percussion is INSANE though. I'm also not going to rule out Marcus making it into the top 7.

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