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2022 6A UIL State

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1 minute ago, celesta said:

2:00 PM - Pearland
2:15 PM - Waxahachie
2:30 PM - Round Rock
2:45 PM - Coppell
3:00 PM - Claudia Taylor Johnson
3:15 PM - Keller
3:30 PM - Marcus
4:00 PM - Ronald Reagan
4:15 PM - Vandegrift
4:30 PM - Cedar Ridge
4:45 PM - The Woodlands
5:00 PM - Flower Mound
5:15 PM - Vista Ridge
5:30 PM - Hebron

Congratulations to Waxahachie! 

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1 minute ago, crunchycookie3 said:

This is the first time LD Bell has attended the SMBC and missed finals since 1998. Very bummed for those kids, but they had a great season with a great show. Super excited to see the dominance of DFW bands at this contest (6 from DFW, 4 from Austin, 2 from San Antonio and Houston). Areas represented in finals: B (3 bands), C (3 bands), D (4 bands!!), E (1 band), F (1 band), and H (2 bands). A bit shocked to see no Area I bands in finals, but congrats to all!

Area D(eath) prevails. 

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2 minutes ago, lost said:

Hebron and The Woodlands tied.

Pearland was last in? (Not super sure about this one)

Westlake first out. (Confirmed)

I don't have recaps, this is what I have gathered from people at the alamodome.

Your first statement is partially correct.


Content and design went the way of who you'd expect.



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