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BLUECOATS HOLY CRAP!!! Are we sure it’s June???? Honestly don’t see this not wining! Beautiful fantastic music, strong visual package and the GE is OUT OF THE ROOF!!!! Honestly, I think them, Boston, Crown, and Phantom are ahead SCV snd BD significant amount. I think Blue Devils show is just not up to the level of these others shows! I may be wrong but I don’t think an anniversary themed show was for this year, rather last. 

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2 minutes ago, J-Mike16 said:

for this DCI Event, my personal prediction for the lineup is

1. Bluecoats

2. Boston

3. Phantom

4. Cavaliers

5. Blue Stars

6. Crossmen

I missed some of stars Boston and Cavaliers so kind of wild predictions but Coats definitely won 

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You also gotta think, I'm pretty sure we are not professionals; however I do disagree with Cavies being 3rd and Phantom being 4th. Also, we are still in the early stages of the season, anything can happen.

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6 minutes ago, Tubalord11 said:

Okay so somehow phantom got last here in brass??? Thought it was definitely top 3, also last in visual proficiency? Just don’t think our views are 100% with the judges ig but I thought they were way better than that 

oh yeah I noticed that real quick. They did not sound like the weakest Brass tonight.

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1 minute ago, MikeKyu said:

They weren't weak. They did have some balance issues and the soloists showed a lot of nerves. Nowhere to go but up. If their first show is their weakest I am pretty sure they would accept that. I'm happy with their show. That ballad....OMG! It's going to be heart melter as the season progresses. 

The Crusaders.....Oh My!!! What a show. Visuals are fantastic.  (remember, I'm watching from the past here)

Yeah I did forget about the soloist that was pretty noticeable and they were first which I’m not saying has a huge impact but it’s not nothing but I’m not worried at all just a little confused but they will be amazing come August! 

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The only placements I got wrong was switching Phantom and Blue Stars, but I saw them being very close and interchangeable in placements. Such an entertaining night!

That Bluecoats show is soo visually interesting and I was engaged the entire time. I love Boston Crusader's show even more now that I've seen the visual program.

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Again, glad to have drum corps back. No qualms with the placements tonight. I kind of want whatever the Bluecoats design team was on when they designed their show. It's so weird, and I mean that in the best way possible. That show is a literal trip.

Can't wait to see the ending for the Cavaliers, and I'm curious to see where Boston's show goes from here. A lot of potential for both groups.

I love what Blue Stars did with "No One Else" and "Dust and Ashes". I've fallen completely in love with "Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812", so I was curious how those would sound on the field. Oh, and welcome back Phantom. No more worrying about a spot in finals for you.

My one hot take is that I think Crossmen will finish 14th behind The Academy and Troopers. Just not feeling their show this year.

Now, to figure out a way to get down to San Antonio for the regional. I've got to see these shows live.

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What a great show! I am so happy to have DCI back. Bluecoats....conceptually, what a neat show. I like it and I love the message behind it. 


Crusaders....better than I thought. This could end up being one of my favorite Crusaders shows. Cavaliers, they are back on the way up and I am happy to see that. I do agree with ViewFromTheBox on the Crossmen this season. Troopers are my dark horse for cracking the top 10 this season. Their performance last season was fantastic and it's carried over. 

We will be at San Antonio and Austin. I may venture to a few more Texas shows as well. 

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just finished lapping up the leftovers on YouTube. please give me more, sir! only watched the top 3 and made sure to watch before looking at scores. i agree Bloo then Boston then Cavies. Boston should have been at least 2 points ahead of Cavies.

Cavies, oh boys i luv u, but that was kind of a hot mess performance-wise, both musically and visually. i don't understand them ahead of Boston in music analysis. did that judge not hear the balance issues and absolutely awful intonation issues during the small ensemble moments? like, lol wut? DCI and BOA judges, i swear...

Boston had great clarity for this time of year. nothing especially original, but it was engaging and impactful. visual was great, exquisite in parts, up until the last 3rd or so of the show. then we got more dirt (duh) and the visual started to get a bit lazy. the tango part is so cool musically, but they stage it as mostly a park and bark, with my least favorite visual ever: the jam out. ugh! lazy! this could be a medalist though.

Bluecoats have imagination to spare. oddball Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-ish show, with the hippy dippy narration, but it's welded well to the structure of the show and has a clear theme. i didn't like the music selections listening to them in advance, contemporary jazz crap, but they sound so different on the field. very groovy. brass is lacking a bit of power and clarity at times, some of that comes from the franticness, there's so much going on at once. give us bigger ice floe moments in the whirlpool to cling onto. set design is once again the best. somewhat reminiscent of TWHS 2019 actually, similar sunset colors and placement on the field. except with, u know, that giant face. who does that? besides Wes Cartwright. lots of little visual and aural gifts. the wheels going over the corps. how clever. the keytar brings us some 80s cool.

i do think the Devils have clearer, more obvious WOW moments in their show than the Coats, more of those stereotypical horns blaring corps moments, like Moon River, even if i only see Bayonetta on a pole now when i hear it (gamers will get that reference) but the show also feels more stale, like they've done it before.

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