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This has been an excellent finals. I think we a going to see the bottom half stay where they were in semi finals. Phantom's revised closer is so good and I've been high on the Troopers all season.  


The Mandarins are making me a big fan. Not just this show but in the merit of the previous 4 seasons. I love their direction and style as a "high art" drum corps. 

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Well, what we thinking? I was in chat on flo and everyone was saying BD and BAC didn’t have good runs, and I kinda agree. BACs guard was just off and BD, well.. it was a good amount, but they will still probably win :( Crown definitely had their best run BY FAR, and everyone also said BC had a better run yesterday. If the judges here and saw it, things may be changing, and it may be some big ones! I think 👑 was back in top 3 and they definitely took brass and honestly their show was by far the most energetic!!! I’m happy with the run, no matter their placement! Was a great night!!! 

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DCI World Championship Finals Scores:

1. Blue Devils 98.750 (Brass, Visual, GE)  Title #20 for the Blue Devils and Brass caption #25.
2. Boston Crusaders 97.325 (Guard)
2. Bluecoats 97.325 (Percussion)  
4. Carolina Crown 96.350 
5. Santa Clara Vanguard 95.000 (Jim Jones Award)
6. The Cadets 92.913
7. Blue Stars 92.775
8. Phantom Regiment 90.675
9. The Cavaliers 90.600
10. Mandarins 90.013
11. Colts 87.200
12. Troopers 86.425

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oh wow. everyone was FABULOUS. the top 10 all hitting 90 is a first i think. Phantom!!!! way to go! pushing toward the top of the bottom half as i thought! such a classy show with some really hummable tunes and clear drill. was never a big fan of that Cavies show, but it was waaaaay better than last time i saw it. gotta give em some credit for achieving that while overcoming COVID. and Bloo and Boston tying again?! what are the chances of that?! amazing! great comeback by Bloo. finally performed near the level of the design. all time best for Boston. i had a feeling about that one! and then the Devs, just an all around outstanding show. grips me right off the bat with the spooky soundscape and weird foreign voiceovers and the clothes going up into the air, followed by that brief fun cheesy Power Rangers rock, followed immediately by that slowed down, legato heroic brass stuff before the first big hit. they're constantly changing gears and it's so interesting. the visual is so clean and often very beautiful, like that curvaceous follow the leader with the rifles moving through it, just exquisite. super powerful brass sound. full, rich, exciting, emotional. well-deserved win. don't think it's an all-time best show, just a few too many reused Devs tropes for me and doesn't make 100% sense thematically, but still a great show.

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