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Groups That Don't Do Indoor Drumline

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I've been curious about this question for years: For groups that do not compete in indoor drumline circuits, what are your director's reasons for not competing? Is the focus on percussion ensembles/solos instead? Would you rather do indoor drumline that what you are currently doing?

I've always wanted the top Texas drumlines to participate in WGI and local circuits. Centennial in indoor is typically phenomenal, but I would love to see more upper echelon groups in the activity.

Obviously each director can do what they want with their program, and it is important to take time to build skills in percussion outside of the marching realm, I just would like to see more involvement in WGI from the best groups in Texas.

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16 hours ago, Samuel Culper said:

I'm only speculating, but I am guessing it's a choice to concentrate on concert season and otherwise give the kids a break.  Also, as soon as the field season is over, they begin planning for the next field season.  It could also be a choice to give the staff a break and not add more on to the program demands.

My school doesn't participate in any indoor drumline for this exact reason. Rather than spending more time purely on the marching aspect of band, our percussion focuses on concert band to build more skill in a wider variety of percussion instruments. They put together several high-level pieces for a percussion concert that always happens at the end of the year, which are always incredible.

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