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2021 Grand Nationals Continued

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Avon was obviously great, but I’m having a harder time getting into the show. Maybe their music caption win set my expectations too high, cuz I’m just not hearing it. I think the visual caption makes a lot more sense for them to win. Saw quite a few drops in the guard though (but to give them credit they nail most of their insanely difficult work).

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Yeah I think the last thread broke for real lol. Anyway I thought Broken Arrow was near flawless and likely the champion here, but Avon sure brought the house down! Love their rendition of Fire of Eternal Glory.

Marcus was just beautiful. I don't know how else to put it, but those mellophone soloists were outstanding and the best I've heard all year. Absolutely deserved that music caption in semifinals and wouldn't be surprised to see them win it again.

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10 minutes ago, BandFan59 said:

I think Flower Mound had their absolute best run!!! That was so WONDERFUL!!!!!! I love this show and the playfulness of every part of it!!! If this doesn't get a medal I will be SO disappointed!!!

Me too! Easily the cleanest performance of the night (next to Marcus or course). Guard was totally on fire.

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I really liked The Woodlands show too. I thought they had their best run in finals.

I know Broken Arrow is the favorite, but it seemed a bit off in my eye. Just not as crisp. It was very pretty and the music was wow.

Did Marcus change something? Earlier runs I was wowed by their marching and was waiting for it in finals. Their music book was performed at world class level.

I really liked Avon and LOVED Carmel's use of negative space and silence. 

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I watched on the multicam tonight, so I don't know what it all looked like from high up, but every band seemed to give their best performance of the year. Just absolutely astonishing after what everyone has been through these past couple of years. To come back like this is amazing.

Watching on multicam (read: close-up cam) I gotta say that Broken Arrow impressed me the most. Their guard moves like a friggin' dance team. You could see Michael Turner just staring at them and slowly nodding his head up and down with the ebb and flow of the movement. Just gorgeous stuff from that ensemble. They move SO well.

Speaking of guards, I am SO excited to see what The Woodlands and Flower Mound bring this year. Unfortunately, neither is going to the WGI World Championships this year, but both have improved significantly. Flower Mound's guard was just in complete character the whole time, and executed everything so cleanly. The Woodlands absolutely can hang with the top dogs with the right show design. The stuff they were doing equipment-wise was stuff you'd see in a top notch world class show, but on a marching field, which is rare, because you don't need to do such complicated skills to generate effect from high up. That super exposed forward handspring toss at the start; that massive toss caught seated on the chair with the rifle pointed toward the ground; that ripple toss, where each girl catches the rifle in a different position, some behind their back, others under their leg. Just astonishing. How did they get this good this fast?! And they had 38 (!) rifles in that opening statement. What is their JV guard going to look like?!

Anyway, brilliant performances all around. I couldn't be happier about how this finals went. Shake 'em up in a hat and throw out the numbers.

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2 minutes ago, Rubisco said:

I watched on the multicam tonight, so I don't know what it all looked like from high up, but every band seemed to give their best performance of the year.

I only watched the high cam so I didn't get the intricate details, I'm a sucker for big marching movement.

I would have loved to have a split screen or two large TV's to watch. Sometimes it seems like multi-cam misses a lot

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