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UIL 6A Area G

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Noticed there wasn’t a forum for the Area G marching contest, so here you go.

The contest will take place on October 30, 2021 at PSJA Stadium in Pharr, TX. 

Region 14 Bands

- Laredo Alexander HS

- Laredo Nixon HS

- Laredo LBJ HS

- Laredo United HS

- Laredo United South HS


Region 15

- Edinburg HS

- Edinburg Economedes HS

- Edinburg North HS

- Edinburg Robert Vela HS

- La Joya HS

- La Joya Juarez Lincoln HS


- PSJA North HS

- Mission HS


Region 28

- Brownsville Hanna HS

- Brownsville Rivera HS

- Donna North HS

- Harlingen HS

- Harlingen South HS

- Los Fresnos HS

- San Benito HS

- Weslaco HS

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Finals predictions (bands that will advance to state have an asterisk by their name): 

1. Laredo Alexander*

2. Brownsville Hanna*

3. Laredo United*

4. PSJA*

5. Edinburg Vela 

6. Harlingen South 

7. Donna North 

8. Laredo United South 

9. Laredo Nixon 

10. PSJA North (could possibly go to San Benito or Harlingen) 


I wish Brownsville Lopez was still in 6A

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1 hour ago, FEDude said:

That's what I always thought too. They're always 1st or 2nd at area. I haven't heard from them this year. Maybe something is different 


2 hours ago, LostChoirGuy said:

I could be mistaken but I thought Harlingen was like the Duncanville of south texas- consistently making state?

They had another band director (Ronnie Rios) who now oversees Area G band. 

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The past few years since the director change Harlingen has been having a harder time. At Area in 2018, they were 10th in prelims and made a huge jump to 5th in finals, the last band to advance to state. At State, they were 40th out of 41, their lowest placement yet. The show is looking good this year so they have a good chance at finals. 

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Prelims Schedule

10:15 - Edinburg Robert Vela

10:30 - Los Fresnos

10:45 - La Joya

11:00 - Edinburg North

11:15 - Brownsville Rivera

11:30 - PSJA

11:45 - Edinburg

12:00 - Laredo Nixon


1:15 - Laredo United

1:30 - Harlingen South

1:45 - Donna North

2:00 - PSJA North

2:15 - Laredo United South

2:30 - Brownsville Hanna

2:45 - Laredo Alexander


3:15 - Edinburg Economedes

3:30 - Mission

3:45 - La Joya Juarez Lincoln

4:00 - Laredo LBJ

4:15 - San Benito

4:30 - Harlingen

4:45 - Weslaco


Bold indicates band advanced to state in 2018

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