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Lone Star Preview Oct. 9, 2021

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4 minutes ago, LostChoirGuy said:

I'm interested to see how Cy Woods and Klein Oak compare with Clear Brook here.  Plus a few groups that we haven't really seen yet that can make a splash (I'm looking at you, North Shore)

I also saw a video of Pasadena Memorial, and they could do quite well here too.

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On 10/4/2021 at 1:27 PM, TWHSParent said:

If any of my acquaintances with TWHS would be willing/able to send a link to a private/unlisted video of their performance after LSP finals I would greatly appreciate it! If not, that is ok too. I don't share the links without permission (as a few here know) so it won't go beyond me.

Wish I could be there...

They're definitely sticking the landing musically, at least with the metronome going! One of the very best sounding groups this year. It's interesting how every single movement contains tempo shifts, from the pre-show through the closer. Very tricky stuff. That may also explain why they seem to be moving very slowly on getting their whole show on the field this year. We're still not getting the full drill program. One criticism: Waaaaay too much rubato in that sax solo for my taste, like he's crawling through molasses to get the phrases out. I agree that the original version at Conroe was a bit too slavish to the tempo, but there has to be a happy medium.

Does anybody from TWHS know if they're having issues with COVID? I'm noticing holes in the drill, which were also there a couple weeks ago. Makes me a little concerned. Unless that's just the way the drill was written, but that would be odd.

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