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Wylie Marching invitational 2021

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  • Tubalord11 changed the title to Wylie Marching invitational 2021
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18 minutes ago, BandFan59 said:

Flower Mound will obviously win this. That aside, there are some great 5A schools here, so this will be a good preview for the 5A state contest with bands like Lebanon Trail, Centennial, Wylie East, Lone Star, etc.

I completely agree. All of the 5a bands here are from Area B, 3 making State finals, and Lovejoy and Centennial not for behind!

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11 minutes ago, LostChoirGuy said:

JJ Pearce is a mystery to me.  I loved their show at Waco a few years back.  It seems schools from Richardson have a really strong emphasis on concert band and it seems to translate to the marching field as really beautiful musical performances.

They dropped this one 

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Taken from the Wylie Band website:


6A - Outstanding Music: Flower Mound

Outstanding Visual: Flower Mound

1st: Flower Mound

2nd: McKinney

3rd: Lake Ridge


5A - Outstanding Music: Lone Star

Outstanding Visual: Lebanon Trail

1st: Lone Star

2nd: Lebanon Trail

3rd: Wylie East


Finals schedule (in reverse order from prelims, 10th goes first and 1st goes last):

Frisco Centennial - 8:00 PM

Liberty - 8:15 PM

McKinney Boyd - 8:30 PM

Lake Ridge - 8:45 PM

Lovejoy - 9:00 PM

Wylie East - 9:15 PM

McKinney - 9:30 PM

Lebanon Trail - 9:45 PM

Lone Star - 10:00 PM

Flower Mound - 10:15 PM

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First time i’ve been able to see Flour Mound’s show, and it was really just in a league of its own. 

anyways, i wrote down the results here

10 centennial 

9 liberty

8 McKinney Boyd

7 Lake ridge

6 Wylie east

5 Lebanon Trail

4 Lovejoy

3 McKinney

2 Lonestar

1 Flower mound 

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1 minute ago, Bassoonophone said:

As a member of Lebanon Trail’s band, we’re really happy with the results of the competition as well because regardless of placement we had greats runs and this competition was super stiff! Also, WOW Flower Mound and Lone Star were AMAZING. I can’t wait to see how Lone Star compares to Wakeland soon, cause they sound incredible this year.


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26 minutes ago, kyric said:

i'm a fmhs band member, and being on the field waiting to preform and hearing lonestar (i think) play creep was the most beautiful thing i've heard. really loved their show, it was so magical and very emotional !

Is y’all’s trombone player(s) okay? What happened last night was scary 

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