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2021 6A UIL SMBC (Nov. 8 & 9)

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1 hour ago, Kian said:

What is CTJ even trying to convey any more, the show has become way too scrambled throughout the season and doesn't flow at all. Wonder if they will change it up in finals.

I love CTJ's show. They definitely have a style, and it's unconventional, but I'm here for it. I've seen their show several times this year, and it's one of my favs. 

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55 minutes ago, LostChoirGuy said:

I've had the same thought.  Which is a shame because their show design is phenomenal and historically there are very few bands that can match them musically.  I just think they are struggling with blend and intonation a bit more than usual.  Still a phenomenal production that I expect to be in contention at Nationals, but they need to solidify their tuning to win imo.

Definitely agree, their tone color is still very much characteristically FloMo, a bit brighter, piercing at times, but has such great clarity when they’re at their best, I feel like some sections muddy their sound up quite a bit where that blend isn’t there, particularly in the middle voices. I can name a few spots in particular I have an issue with in that regard, but I’d rather just not talk about it, if it simply gets fixed like we all know they can do!!🔥🔥

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