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2021 6A UIL SMBC (Nov. 8 & 9)

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42 minutes ago, Samuel Culper said:

The draw SHOULD be blind to school distance from San Antonio.  Otherwise, schools farther away would get the more coveted Prelims times, and how is that fair?

Indiana split the difference pretty well for Semi-State, which is effectively their State prelims.

The six closest draw for the first spot. Then for each following spot, you add the next closest group. That way, the closer groups are more likely to go first, but can still pull spots to the end. The furthest groups can at least spare an early performance—which could even potentially save a group thousands of dollars that not every program or school district necessarily has.

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Is anyone recording the performances? I have the livestream but there's some shows I haven't been able to see. I also selfishly want a recording of my alma mater (Carroll) but won't be able to record them with the computer I have. I'm sure someone out there is recording them, so if you'd send that folder (or even just my band once they go) my way I would greatly appreciate it.

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1 hour ago, HeartOfTexas said:

I thought Vandy did better than Hebron

They were both great! Hard to compare when they have such differing approaches. Hebron has very difficult music and drill, doing both at the same time, and has a lot of incredible solos. Vandy is unmatched visuals and dance with beautifully integrated and performed music, with very few solos. Not sure how the judges even approach such diversity in show style.

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8 minutes ago, itsstephenyo said:

How crowded does 6A state finals usually get? Curious how early we need to get there to get some good seats. 

There will be a line forming before the gates open.  Being on a Tuesday and a smaller competition, I found it is not as insanely crowded like Super Regionals are.  

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