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2021 6A UIL SMBC (Nov. 8 & 9)

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Just now, Tubalord11 said:

But wow some major changes from prelims 

And some of the Area competitions as well.  

It goes to show the comments of one earlier poster are true - probably beyond the medalists, the placements are a little less accurate.  If I were a judge (ha), I would definitely fuss a lot more about whom gets what medal than who is 10 vs 11.

Definitely Vista looked a lot more competitive two weeks ago with a victory at Area.  But I'm not complaining - they got to enjoy a Cinderella story victory in 2018. 

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First and foremost congratulations to Hebron, very VERY well deserved, and what I'm about to say is not to take away from their victory or any bands placement tonight. However, I need someone to help me understand the inconsistencies between judging panels at UIL. BOA is far from perfect, but they at least seem to be more consistent over their competitions. There is no doubt that bands have good runs and bad runs and that a lot of progress can be made within even just a week, but it seems a large portion of UIL is just a crapshoot with what judges you get. Again, I know that BOA, and all judged events for that matter, have a similar fatal flaw, but UIL just seems to suffer from it worse than most. Look at vista ridge over vandy or ctj over reagan from the Area competitions or look at BOASA from this past weekend (an event that UIL is trying to judge more like) yet you have CTJ dropping to 8th while just the other day taking bronze at BOASA. (again they are 2 separate competitions and judged differently, but you can't convince me Jarrett Lipman didn't piss in the judges cheerios over the weekend)

Jokes aside, I really am curious as to why UIL suffers so much more from discrepancies compared to other judged events, so please, enlighten me fellow band nerds :) 



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16 minutes ago, BandFan59 said:

Flower Mound's percussion scores were what knocked them down below Marcus. There was an ordinal gap of 10 in that caption alone, while overall they were separated by an ordinal gap of 5. I think they will be just fine for Grand Nationals.

Yeah I agree idk how it was that low but could definitely see them too 3 at Nats. Maybe ever Marcus? It’s gonna be one heck of a competition is all I know 

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