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2021 6A UIL SMBC (Nov. 8 & 9)

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23 minutes ago, Leander Band Fan Forever said:

1. Hebron

2. Marcus

3. Flower Mound

4. Claudia Taylor Johnson

5.. Ronald Reagan

6.. Vandegrift 

7. Westlake

8. Coppell

9. Cedar Ridge

10. Keller

11. Caroll Senior

12. Vista Ridge

I think Carroll places higher than where you have it and Westlake places lower than where you have it 

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Here were my thoughts on each band (the first full marching band contest I’ve been to!)

Ronald Reagan: This is the only band that I got to see at San Antonio, and I’ll definitely say they seemed to have a lot better of a run here. A lot of the big picture ideas came across as more effective and I felt watching this run that they knew exactly how to pull off their incredibly well designed show. I only  caught very small things, mostly in small ensemble music timing and visual details, but overall every member was apart of the cohesive collective and it was a great performance!


Cedar Ridge: That was absolutely incredible, I’m completely blown away. The demand in this show is mighty, and yet never once did I feel like it got away from them. This smaller band felt so in control of their show and they delivered such an energetic performance. That drumline is so great, Rick Rodriguez really runs an awesome percussion program. This was only the second band but I already know by the end of the night that will have been one of my favorite performances. By the way what incredible arrangements! The music was so well written.


Vandegrift: I think anybody who just watched that performance can tell that the show design and all the work they put in was for this moment. That was for sure one of the most impressive feats I’ve ever seen in my life, and of course I would expect nothing else from vandegrift. For me, this band had the musical element a bit more down than visual. It is so impressive how with a band their size, they can be so uniform in the small details such as articulation, dynamic contrast, and of course the constant rhythmic demand. I caught a couple of small Discrepancies in marching technique throughout, but other than that all the details were so spot on. I’m excited to see more from this band in future, I can tell they’re capable of even bigger and better performances. Congrats vandy on a killer run!!


Coppell: Despite the unique show theme and the many GE aspects to this show, the one thing that comes out to me when watching this show is just how nice and neat this band is. They have tons of demand both musically and visually throughout their show, and when watching this show I feel that the pull of their show so well. I never noticed any single members of this band, they felt like one big unit and overall I’m just so impressed with that performance. That drumline is definitely in contention for first place!


Flower Mound: That show design is straight up impressive, I can’t believe they performed a show of that scale and yet it didn’t feel cluttered. A very strong performance from Flower Mound, the visual fundamentals with this group are just amazing, definitely the best so far. Musically they do so many things well, the timing is so tight and the features were so clean and the hits were so effective. Some intonation issues that were a bit concerning, but I don’t think that will hurt them too much and I think that this band is definitely a contender for a medal tonight. What an incredible show!


Vista Ridge: Man, what a progression throughout their show. It sounded like they had a bit of electronic issues at the beginning, it was kind of hard to hear the Katy perry stuff? Well anyways it was a bit of a rocky start for them with their opening hit, but man going their balled and into the end of the show they really pulled through and finished very very strong. I think this group still had a little ways to go visually and with ensemble timing, but these they wouldn’t be the first band to significantly clean up right into grand nats finals. Oh and the drumline, wow I wasn’t necessarily looking out for you guys but you made me pay attention, you were definitely one of the best today! So many notes and yet it was so clean. You have such a great show, I’m rooting for you guys in Indy!!


Hebron: I will genuinely be shocked if that didn’t just win this whole thing. This band has so much momentum coming off of a sweep at BOA San Antonio, and they delivered with a technical feat that I will be lucky if if ever see in my life time. Musically, there is absolutely no question they are the dominant group. All the little musical details cut through the entire stadium and you just know they are the best high school musicians in the state. Visually, they might not have been the #1 group here tonight (it’s certainly possible), but no matter what it’s undeniable that the demand is like no other group. These guys are running all over the field the entire time and it certainly makes the music itself all that more impressive. Incredible performance, thank you Hebron!!!


CTJ: What stands out to me about CTJ is the sound they make. Musically such a clean performance, and it’s very consistent throughout the very, very long show. Visually, I feel the same way about them as I felt about Hebron. They have such a high demand, but they’re not quite to the pristine level of visual clarity that I know they can achieve. This is another group that’s going to grand nationals this year, and I’m extremely excited to see how they come together in the end of the season with such a competitive show. Congrats guys, what an energetic run!!


Marcus: That ballad was really memorable, certainly one moment I’ll remember from tonight! Overall from them I generally just got a very professional and clean vibe from Marcus, everything they did was purposeful and really good. I don’t think that the musical and visual demand it enough quite to make it to the top of this contest, but I think that what these guys do is really good, they really have brought this show to its full potential and I can’t wait to see how they push the boundaries further in grand nats!!


Keller: Everything about that performance completely exceeded my expectations. Their ensemble sound is so crystal clear, and their timing is just perfect. Visually the demand isn’t too high, but dang it’s clean. I really felt that this performance, as well as the show were really meant for UIL. Everything that these guys presented on the field was so top notch, I definitely think we’ll see Keller high in the rankings!


Westlake: Such a memorable show with awesome music!!! They have such a large sound here and they had a very cohesive performance, that came across as very impressive from start to end. I think that this group shines best visually, many moments throughout the show in both the body and the marching that clicked for these guys, and you could tell they were giving it their all. Definitely one of the top percussion sections here, good job guys!!


Southlake Carroll: Congrats on your finalist placement!! From what I know this is the first time this band has had a finals appearance in a while, and they definitely deserved to be here. These guys put out a ton of sound and are playing and marching with great quality and detail. The ballad was extremely memorable, and so many important moments in this show were executed at the highest level with such drama, and it came across as a great holistic performance. Great job!!

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