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2021 BOA Austin (Sept. 25)

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22 minutes ago, Samuel Culper said:

I really hope things pick back up around here.  It seems like there would typically be a lot more discussion about the contest the day before it happens.

I have a feeling it will after the showdown this weekend. We're normally in the dark as it is at this point in the season, but I think this year there's an even bigger gap of information, fewer video leaks etc. 

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33 minutes ago, LostChoirGuy said:

Yeah, I think last year kinda killed this site. ?

O.K. - so I will spark up the conversation to tomorrows event. my prediction to BOA Austin - both for AAAA Prelims and for the Finals

1. CTJ

2. Vandegrift

3. Vista Ridge

Music - CTJ

Visual - Vandegrift

G.E. - CTJ

good chance all 3 medals top scores above 80

convince me I am wrong


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I think the prediction I was most unsure of making was putting Leander in 5th. The last video I saw of them was from a couple weeks ago and it was fun, but just a bit confusing and it left me unsure. I'm expecting the transitions will feel a lot better now that the show has had more time to develop. And while the guard is noticeably smaller, I say quality is more important than quantity.

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2 hours ago, FaultLineBlues said:

Super excited for tomorrow! It's been a while since I've been able to watch marching band of any kind in person! DCI Round Rock was an awesome return, and I'm stoked that the kids get to march again, and from what I've seen online, show design hasn't missed a step at my favorite programs! 

Took the words right out of my mouth! DCI RR was the kickstart I needed - my college semester has left me little time to get hyped about band, but just thinking about the corps at the same stadium as tomorrow gets me so excited! These kids want to perform in front of a real audience. And tomorrow, that is what they shall get!

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I was really excited to be in the Leander stadium at the game tonight!  And the show looks and sounds wonderful. They were definitely looking like the old Leander. It made me so happy!!! I hope they’ll be even better tomorrow. It is such a FUN show. You can tell the kids are absolutely loving it. And there’s a tuba solo (!!) and the ballad was just really beautiful. I was so happy to see Leander perform so well and I can’t wait to see it at the KRAC tomorrow!

I also have to give a shout out to the Manor HS band. They are small, but they did a wonderful job with their show!  I loved it and sure was wishing the people around me would hush!  I would really like to see that show again. 

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Lake Travis - Great sounds, what more can I say

Cedar Ridge - For a smaller 6A band (only 4 tubas!!), they have such a large presence musically and also visually (thanks to that great guard.)

Westlake - Gave a very strong performance that was also quite clean. We should be seeing them again tonight I would think.

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