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WGI World Championships 2021 - Face Mask Edition

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10 hours ago, Rubisco said:

You're very welcome! And thank you to all of the groups for giving us some great shows during these awful times!

Unfortunately, these threads I start every year never gain much traction. I wish there were more of a guard presence here. I'm not sure where they all hang out. It would be nice to have some real discussion with people who are actually currently involved in the activity. Like, why is XYZ your favorite, or why didn't you care for this or that. Alas, we don't get much of that on here outside of the big-time marching band contest threads.

We hang out on Instagram. 😉

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On 4/19/2021 at 3:55 PM, gregorydf01 said:

Congratulations to the Inaugural cast and staff of Omega for receiving an “Expert” rating for the 2021 WGI Independent A Class Finals Championship!   Only 10 of 30 Finalists received an "Expert" or "Master" rating putting Omega in the top 10 IA guard's internationally this year!  

Great first year achievement!

fyi:  Omega is based in Central Texas near Austin.  


Excellent! And thanks for the update. Can't be easy starting a winter guard program during a pandemic!

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