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Texas State Legislature voting on a bill tomorrow that can remove the requirement for schools to require fine arts for graduation.

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This was just posted on our band's facebook page- but it is important for all of texas.  As always... read the bill and decide for yourself, but I do believe this could have detrimental effects down the line with funding to the fine arts programs.

Parents, Teachers & Supporters of Fine Arts in Texas!!

We have learned that the Texas State legislature will be voting on BILL HB434 **tomorrow (Tuesday)** which can effectively remove the requirement for schools to require a Fine Arts credit for graduation.
This would be catastrophic for fine arts programs in CISD and across the state of Texas.
Urgent! We need all parents, teachers, and supporters of Fine Arts to email and/or call to voice their opinions ASAP since the legislative session begins Tuesday.
Bill HB 434 would effectively not make a Fine Art credit a requirement for HS graduation (by alllowing substitutions). Removing this requirement insinuates further issues for support in terms of funding, staffing, everything... Every student should have the opportunity to benefit from a fine arts course!
Please help us by communicating with your legislators about why this is a bad idea.
If you use the link below, there is already a pre written email to send. It takes less than a minute.
The video linked below is a call-to-action for parents, boosters, etc.
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Thank goodness this was "Left pending in committee"


We REALLY need to get members of the TexLege that are friendly towards public education.  I'm not talking red/blue or left/right but members of the lege that actually support public schools, teachers, and school activities.  There are FAR too many members (both sides) that give lip service and then pass legislation that actually HURTS our schools and our kids (and in turn our communities).

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