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Musicbook | "A Drum Corps Fan's Dream: A Day in the Life of a Bullfighter" - Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps (1995), with Scott Boerma (Brass Composer & Arranger)


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“Proud, Loud, and Pleasing the Crowd.” This is the mantra of the Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle corps. And it’s safe to say that since 1938, the Scouts have consistently brought audiences to their feet with their entertainment-focused programs.
And while the corps had won two DCI world championships, in 1975 & 1988, for some, it was the shows of the 1990s that really solidified the Madison Explorer Scouts as one of, if not the favorite corps in all of DCI. Whether you were an alum of the corps, had a friend or family member that marched the corps, or just a normal fan with or without ties to other drum corps, the Scouts of Madison, Wisconsin was the corps you were always excited to see. Fans didn’t leave their seats to get a hot dog or go to the restroom when the Green & White took the field.
The Madison Scouts have had many crowd-pleasing shows throughout their history; we could fill an entire season of episodes focusing on each and every one of these shows. But perhaps no Scouts’ production is more loved than the 1995 production. This show has widely been considered one of the most entertaining drum corps shows of all time and for some, is the hands-down favorite. This opinion was in fact proven scientifically accurate with fans and alums voting the 1995 show as the winner of the 2020 Virtual Drums Along the Parade, with the 1998 championship show coming in 2nd.

Joining me today is composer and arranger Scott Boerma, who was the brass composer & arranger for 20+ shows over a span of 4 decades! And who without a doubt I consider to be one of the "Four Horseman of DCI Arrangers.” If there was a Mount Rushmore for DCI Music Arrangers, his face would be one of the first 3 carved. Hey, I can’t seem too biased on these episodes!

On this episode of Musicbook, we discuss the Madison Scouts’ 1995 production, “A Drum Corps Fan’s Dream: A Day in the Life of a Bullfighter.”
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