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Storybook | "007" - The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps (2004), with Scott Koter (Program Coordinator)


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For almost a year now I've had a lot of fun interviewing designers, educators, & artists for my podcast, Sketchbook Podcast. Throughout that time there have been 40 guest interviews and two additional series; 'Matchbook' with Jen Barton & 'Sound Advice' with Erik Kosman. Last week a third series debuted, 'Musicbook,' which focused on The Cavaliers 2002 production, "Frameworks," and featured brass composer & arranger Richard Saucedo.
Today we continue the '-book' series with 'Storybook.' My goal with this series is to discuss a show, production, or work and focus on the programming, design, and/or coordination aspect. I would talk with the programmer/coordinator and we could discuss the inspiration, process, edits, cuts, or any other behind the scenes aspects to the show.
The first episode of 'Storybook' focuses on The Cavaliers 2004 production, "007" and my guest is program coordinator Scott Koter. For anyone out there wanting a more "inside baseball" look at the creative process behind that 2004 championship show, as well as some insight into Scott's process, you won't want to miss this!
Oh, and there is one more series that will be debuting later this month. If you are a creative, you won't want to miss any of these!
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