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I'm just hoping that my daughter gets to have some semblance of the college marching band experience this fall during her freshman year at Stephen F. Austin.  My son had already decided to not be in the Texas Tech Goin' Band this coming fall before all the COVID-19 mess hit.  I'm really glad he still has two more years left before having to find his first band director job.  I'd hate for him to be looking for a job right now.

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From a good friend who is a nurse...

Update shared from St. David's North Austin Medical Center:

"An update today from an Infectious Disease physician:

In the past 3 weeks:

The COVID+ rate in ATX up 480%

Hospitalization rate is up 300%

3% of the overall population have tested positive. The estimate is that 15-20% of the population is positive. Herd immunity requires 70-80%

Majority of + cases are <39 years old and at less risk of being critically ill. Young adults are socializing without masks and are the Typhoid Marys of COVID19. Facemasks are proven to limit exposure. You need an innoculum of virus to get sick - that's DOSE + TIME. This virus is unlike most other respiratory viruses. Droplets come out of your mouth to infect others (not so much spread through touching a contaminated surface). A COVID+ patient infects an average of 4 people (influenza is 1.5 people) ‚Äď also due to the fact that 80% of COVID-infected people are asymptomatic and typically if you have the flu you feel terribly and you stay home in bed.

Mortality has dropped significantly in the past weeks due to proning and avoiding intubation/mechanical ventilation and tolerating a lower oxygen saturation than we normally would if the patient is comfortable. Dexamethasone steroid therapy is also a contributing factor.

Convalescent plasma serum supply is depleted in Austin today - more is coming from NY this afternoon.

The virus isn’t going anywhere and we can’t keep the economy shut down forever so universal masking is imperative when indoors or in enclosed spaces - that includes breakrooms at work. Try to eat meals outside if you can."

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It's definitely a frustrating time and has been a back and forth on whether or not I think there will be a season. While it seems many no longer feel like it will happen, I still have some hope. Just thinking about all the seniors makes my heart ache, especially the ones that were hoping to go to GN. I know of an incoming senior who has struggled with their grades and hasn't gotten to march yet, but their grades have been better and this fall will be their last chance to march..

I wonder if bands that cancel their trip to GN will consider going in 2021. Thinking of another big contingent of TX bands would be really exciting. Would directors just move their show to next year if the season is canceled? I feel like that would make sense with all the work that is put into a show but I may be oblivious to certain factors. And would the extra time result in the shows being even more incredible?

It's just crazy how much things have changed. I saw an old clip of people doing trust falls with strangers and my body flinched. I remember a conversation I was having with a friend the week before spring break and she felt like the virus was being blown out of proportion and that nothing would really come of it here. My family friend had been in Korea for a week studying abroad and was sent back and quarantined. A lot of us joked that he couldn't leave the house but now no one's laughing. And a friend texting me about a confirmed case at our university and how freaked she was.

Sorry, just letting my mind run free. I'm an overall positive person and I'm not just sulking all day about the thought of the season being canceled. Just living life and pushing through each week. Marching band brings such a unique experience for those participating and those viewing and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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10 hours ago, josephbandfan said:

It's just crazy how much things have changed. I saw an old clip of people doing trust falls with strangers and my body flinched.

Lol, I do this all the time while watching TV now...Any time there's human contact my mind says "that's not social distancing"...Even if the show is from 20 years ago...

If the season doesn't happen, then 2021 will be an amazing season for sure. Imagine the these bands building on these show concepts for an entire year+ before putting it on the field. Imagine the emotion of these kids after not getting to do what they love the previous year. As awful as 2020 is shaping up to be, 2021 should be special.

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1 hour ago, AvonDad said:

My wife and I have spent 2 evenings this week helping to fit uniforms for some of our group.  Our school district was the first to close in Indiana as we had one of the 1st reported cases in an elementary school less than 1/2 mile from our house.  It started with just that school, then days later, the entire district down for 2 weeks, followed by the normal 2 week spring break.  Then everything thing cancelled and seasons were over.  We are one county west of Indy, which has been the hot spot of the state.  I think we are top 5-6 out of the counties with almost 1500 cases and 116+ deaths compared to over 12k cases and 700+ deaths over in Indy.  Current plans are to proceed as if there is still a season to march.  The kids have been "zooming" to keep up and this was the first of any get togethers, all spread out, masked and in the parking lot.  It was a bit strange these past few days as we were helping freshman figure out how to put on their bibs and coats. The smell of sanitizer everywhere.  Asking what instrument they play, it was only percussion this week, to see if they were going to be wearing a harness or not, then getting the reply "I hope to be playing...." as they are still in tryouts.  Normally the line is set in May, but not this year.  Very strange.  I have already heard that a smaller class competition band has decided to skip competitions this fall, yet still play for football games.  Our son should be on his DCI tour right now and I had vacation scheduled to watch a few competitions this summer.  Not this year.  The sound of drummers playing rudiments never sounded so good the other night.  Music was still being played, ok lets be real, they beat things with a stick. :) The pit warmups echoing off the walls made you realize how much these little things ring as being "normal".  Playing scales, playing eighths, playing rounds.  Normal.  Sooner or later, the fields will be full of nerves, pride, hard work, excitement, exhaustion and realizing the goal from pushing on when it was hard.  And if the fields are quiet this year, I'll look forward to the DanPodcast reviewing fast food places this fall.  Marching on......

Well said friend. 

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On 6/24/2020 at 7:36 AM, LeanderMomma said:

I just wanted¬†to start a thread where band kids, band parents and band fans can rant, vent, cry, encourage or just whatever you need to do to help get you through these scary times. Mostly I think we need to encourage each other. I hope we can do just that. ūü§ó

well said.

but Stay at home. Most people with COVID-19 have mild illness and can recover at home without medical care.

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