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How are you supporting your kid through this uncertainty?


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My daughter will be a senior this year. She is involved in guard for her band. She also runs track and cross country. Her cross country coach has already started a training plan for the team and they start up tomorrow. I see the football team and volleyball team starting up all over the state. How do you keep these kids motivated for band? 

So how are you keeping their spirits up right now?

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It is so HARD!  My daughter is a senior and the returning (head) drum major. She had so many plans for this year and has been looking forward to ending her high school marching career by showing off the band in Indy for 7 months.  It's so hard watching it slowly get taken away and it's so very hard to watch her heart break into a million pieces.

Thankfully we are in a district and at a school who supports band and loves band as much as our kids do.  So it helps to remind her often that NO ONE in our district or our school wants cancel band completely and they will do EVERYTHING they can to make it happen safely.  It will only NOT happen if the control is taken out of their hands.  

And I tell her it's OK to say this sucks because it completely does!  She's been dreaming about her senior band season since 6th grade knowing it would be special.  I also remind her she can't live in suck land ... she can kick and scream and cry for 24 hours after each "bad" news, then she has to wash her face, stand up tall and be the leader she was chosen to be.

This is hard, and honestly the hardest thing I've ever faced as a parent. ♥️

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22 hours ago, Samuel Culper said:

Hang in there and keep doing what you're doing.  Your girl is a special young lady and will come through this beautifully. 

Thank you!  I truly appreciate the kind words!  I told someone recently that it would almost be easier to just pull the plug so we could start navigating the hurt .... but at the same time I'm glad they are trying to make something happen!  It's a seesaw of emotions right now for sure ♥️

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