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Musculoskeletal Pain, Conditions, & Disorders in Musicians Survey


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Hello, our team is part of the Barbers Hill High School EDD (Engineering Design and Development) Program. Our Course uses Project Lead the Way (PLTW) to coordinate a fully defined and thought out project designed to either create a solution to a modern problem or innovate upon an already solved problem.

In a world where music is becoming more and more of a necessity used for focus, relaxation, and other components of a successful mindset, it is important for instrumentalists to be able to keep in their best conditions in order to continue in their musical careers. Unfortunately, the longevity of an instrumentalist’s musical career might not be as long-lived as others might think. This is due to musculoskeletal conditions, which approximately 85% of musicians in the United States have had to suffer from whether it be long-term or short term.

I am in need of feedback from musicians on my topic to improve my solutions features. I will not use the information collected to SPAM anyone, it is just a quick 5-10 minutes survey Please help me out!




For those of you who might not be comfortable with clicking links, here are the questions in the survey. 


Q1) Email

Q2) What sex do you most affiliate with?

Q3) What is your average height?

Q4) How old are you?

Q5) How many instruments do you play?

Q6) What instrument(s) do you play?

Q7) Have you ever had any musculoskeletal pains, conditions, or disorders? (Examples of some musculoskeletal pain include tenderness, stiffness, or tingling in an area.)

Q8) If you have or might've had any musculoskeletal pain, conditions, or disorders, describe it or give the name of it.

Q9) Have you ever felt uncomfortable in the position that you play your instrument?

Q10) On a scale of 1 to 5, how often would you rate the frequency that you switch valves/positions during a musical piece? (not frequently to frequently)

Q11) Would you be interested in a device that could prevent playing-related musculoskeletal pain, conditions, and disorders?

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