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The Danpodcast - DCI Championship Nerd-In


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It is clear that the top four (Blue Coats, Blue Devils, SCV, and Carolina Crown) are the best of the best.  I found it ironic that the Best Brass caption and Best Perussions caption went the the 4th and 3rd bands.  Isn't this Drum and Bugle Corps? 

With Best GE going to 2nd place, it could have been a four way tie this year.

Personally, and I have stated before, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Crown's show.  Of all the music I heard tonight, theirs is the only one still echoing in my head.

Still having to place them 1, 2, 3, and 4, I would have put the Blue Coats #1, Devils #2, Crown #3, and SCV #4.  I thought there was just too much violin in the BD show and I just didn't get SCV this year, they had too much going on and their poles all over the place were more distracting than anything else.  I thought Blooooo brought it tonight.  That was the best I've seen of them this year.  I thought most of the finalist brought their A+ game tonight.

I wish DCI would go top 6, bottom 6 random performance as I feel that the scores are too much locked into the place that they play.  It feels to me that the judges scores are somewhat influenced by "oh this corps is playing later, they must be better than the one before it."  I don't understand how Crown was first in music, 3rd in GE, and 5th in Visuals (I guess I have no clue what they are looking for visually as I thought Crown had some amazing, fast, and tight marching) while SCV was 4th in GE, 4th in music and 3rd in Visuals.

Oh well, just my uneducated opinion as I am just a fan

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