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2019 BOA Grand National Championships

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My own personal predictions now that all the finalists have gone:


1. Vandegrift

2. Avon

3. Hebron

4. Leander

5. Claudia Taylor Johnson

6. Carmel

7. The Woodlands

8. William Mason

9. Homestead

10. Round Rock

11. Union

12. Ayala


Music - Hebron

Visual - Avon/Vandegrift

GE - Vandegrift


The top 6 are going to be incredibly tight score-wise in my opinion as well.

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Remember at the start of the season how I was going on and on about how Hebron and CTJ were the best hopes for Texas winning a National Championship this year, and how I didn't think Vandegrift quite had the design aspect down enough to win it? Well, I'm so completely happy I was wrong! When I first saw it at Austin finals, I knew it was an all-around outstanding production, and the clear Austin regional champ. During the moment leading up to the big hit of the ballad, and during the big hit of the ballad, I caught myself thinking, "Could this possibly be a national championship quality show?" I sort of brushed it off at the time, because I didn't think the entire show as a whole quite reached that level. Tonight, Vandegrift showed why they would be a perfectly legitimate National Champion. Outstanding music and visuals. So loud, so powerful, and without any shotgun mics! Vandegrift just melts your face off. I know there will be a lot of talk about how they don't have a guard, but the payoff is that their dance team moves better than any guard that was fielded tonight. When I watch this show, I think it is the perfect Vandegrift show. It's still traditional, but with some really fresh and interesting music and visuals thrown into the mix. Also, to my mind, Vandegrift is like the perfect replacement for SFA from back in the day, but they sound so, so, so, SO much better than SFA ever did. Really outstanding work. Congrats, guys!

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Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't all state band members selected in January? How is it possible for any of these students to be a four-year all state band member already?


Totally not meaning to bash or call anyone a liar. Just wondering.

You're right. I'd imagine he makes it again though.

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