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2019 BOA San Antonio

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I'll tell you what- the woodlands sure isnt keeping things stale this year. I love the commitment by every individual. All of the jumping around and heel clicking makes it seem that they are really enjoying performing the show. It is really hard for me to guess how they will place, but I loved their show.

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Did not see any prelims yesterday. From today, the following are locks (in order, w/ an overall comment)


TWHS (most emotionally satisfying)

Hebron (technically most difficult show)

Vista Ridge (solid. Not as emotionally satisfying as TWHS or as technically difficult as Hebron)

Marcus (Cleanest show)

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I really liked Pearland, but I've been a fan all season! I don't think I liked it as much as that train show from a few years ago, but who cares.


Vista Ridge was an interesting one for me. Very high energy. Lots of really interesting moments visually and musically, but the performance left a little bit to be desired. There were quite a few stick-outs in the ensemble sound, and the visual had quite a bit of dirt.


TWHS was kind of the opposite. I was impressed by the performance they gave, but the energy seemed low. Some of that is the difficulty. The music is in constant motion, as is the band. I thought it was funny how they threw in a few extra power chords here and there for this late-season show, as if to say, "See, we can do what everyone else is doing, but we're choosing not to do that this year." It's such a different show, which I appreciate, but I'm not sure everyone will appreciate it. I could see it doing really well here, or placing towards the bottom of finals. I'll probably watch it on multi-cam in finals, just to pick up all the characters.


Sorry, I've been traveling, so I've missed a lot. Also, you can't get me out of bed before 9 on a weekend.

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