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2019 BOA San Antonio

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Rouse is one of my favorite shows.  


Though they be but small, they are fierce.  


The edged out Cedar Park at the TX Marching Classic, so its very conceivable they'll place well.  


People are saying CP has the ideal show for UIL, so it looks like the City of Cedar Park will continue its reign of terror over the state marching championships.

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Thanks all for the replies. I get it's a good deal IF I wanted to keep using it. Bet legit I only want to watch this Super Regional and thats it. So even $30 would be cool. I hope they can work this out cause ouch, $150 hurts. I guess I should take advantage since I will pay something right? I mean I really want to watch Pioneer too but was afraid to click anything for fear they would be like, "welp. looks like you used it, we are taking you for those $150."

Did the same thing. They’ll refund the difference, $120 plus tax.

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Oh man. All you people screen recording are heroes. Catching up


that Vandegrift accel at the end is gonna be godly at nationals; could see the closer keeping them out of the top 3 - who cares though at a contest like this. That sax quartet is just lovely


My first time seeing the Rouse show. OMG

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Maybe I’m the odd one out but I think Vista Murrieta was good but got lost in the music depth of Texas bands. The color guard was fantastic but that’s to expect from an out of state group that has a great WGI presence. Idk, I’m just not as wowed as some others. The demand seemed weaker than I expected, but maybe my expectations were too high. Right off the bat, the ensemble sound was different to me and not in a necessarily good way.


I guess I don’t have an eye for visual design but I found it to be mostly standard. At least from a demand perspective.

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I hate to bog this down with questions about the live stream - if there's another thread, someone please direct me. After every band, I get the general announcements, and even some of the MFA ads, then a black screen or freeze. Have to reload, or at least select the other camera feed to get it going again. Anyone else? Anyone have ideas? Watching using a TV web browser cabled directly to the modem. Or if any experts, please PM me. Thanks!

Probably late answering but I have had some black screen issues to, on my laptop. Just keep rebootimg when it happens, very frustrating!

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