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2019 BOA San Antonio

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I hate to bog this down with questions about the live stream - if there's another thread, someone please direct me.  After every band, I get the general announcements, and even some of the MFA ads, then a black screen or freeze.  Have to reload, or at least select the other camera feed to get it going again.  Anyone else?  Anyone have ideas?  Watching using a TV web browser cabled directly to the modem.  Or if any experts, please PM me.  Thanks!

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Really hope Coppell makes it into finals. They've had a tough past few years with almost half their staff leaving after the 2015-16 school year, but they have really started to make a comeback. Beautiful show, and they really cleaned it up visually! Music performance was excellent as usual for them, but it'll going to be tough to get into finals in a stacked competition like this.


Flower Mound is Flower Mound. They performed their show with an incredible amount of cleanliness and showmanship. Another excellent program from what may be the best band in the state, although I'm not sure if I would have them over Reagan based on both their performances today. Who knows what will happen in finals though? I will say, they might have the best individual marching technique of all Texas bands.


Sidenote, I also saw a Coppell performer fall right at the beginning of their opener but they recovered quickly. The turf seems to be messing with a ton of bands today.

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Preditions for Finals (in no particular order):


1. Voldemort

2. Cedar Mound

3. Nancy Reagan

4. Lee Anderson

5. James T. Johnson

6. Vista Park

7. Park Ridge

8. Northwood

9. The Lakelands

10. West Woodlands

11. Harkus

12. Cedar Rock

13. Murrieta Ridge

14. Hebrowie


Bubble: El Taco Bell


Don't say it can't happen.


I have so many questions...



And none of the answers

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