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The "tips, hints, and great things to know" for band parents


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We are currently 3 years out from graduation and still volunteer.  The kids are respectful and work their butts off on the field, yet its so funny chaperoning a bus as you realize, these are just normal kids, until they hit the field.

- All bands deserve a standing ovation.  We make sure that every kid gets the recognition they deserve as they a have all put in the hours.  At Avon, every band will get a standing ovation from the parents.

-The kids appreciate the volunteers, box moms, treats, congrats, support.  I use to provide candy snacks once a week for the drum line and it was greatly appreciated.

-It will change your kid.  If they don't come home wanting to quit, its not being done right.  They have to push through and see that if its worth being the best, it takes time and effort.  Our first kid was only in it for a year, as it was not for her, but it did change her. She knew what she wanted and pushed through everything to make it happen later in life.  Our last kid fell in love with it, marched high school and just finished up a season marching tenors for the Blue Knights.   

-it cost money, but its been well worth it.  The experience, drive, determination to achieve what they didn't think they could is worth it.

-being a pit parent can be hectic.  WIfe and I did the indoor season, and when you are told you are already a minute late to clear the floor, it doesn't get more real than that.



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