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The DanPodcast - Get Good, Day One

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Your point on "It would not be good if we tried to push more than 8 hours a week" was interesting, because I've recently realized I agree...but not for the reason I'd like to.  I found "The Leaguer" (UIL's monthly periodical) archive and was reading an article from.....some year...'95? '96?--it was really close to when they implemented the "8 hours per week during the schoolyear" rule.....they polled various school administrators from that time and found a solid majority of them wanted to axe the SMBC entirely, at least for the largest size classification (5A)....and I think it was due to the insane "hours arms race" a lot of the most competitive schools had gotten into during that era.

I don't forsee the TEA's rules surrounding the 8 hour rule ever being relaxed in the forseeable future.....if a rule ever does change it will be at UIL's discretion and will apply mainly to summer.  But even then, that's unlikely....especially when I'd say at least half of the schools in the largest size classifications have maxed out every aspect of all rules and some of them are chomping at the bit trying to find loopholes around them even today.

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